10 Best Apple Watch Games to Download from the App Store in 2022

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 19, 2022

Apple has taken the competition to the next level with its high-end technology. While many people own smartwatches, their heavy use is still limited to a few. As Apple launched its recent versions of watches, productivity has taken to a new level. Along with additional features such as games, other utility functions such as ECG and SOS check became an old feature.

Presenting the best Apple Watch games to play in 2022, this article will unlock the potential of an Apple Watch. Even though some people maximize their watch potential with third-party apps, there’s reasonable satisfaction in being among the top games. Along with top games, the article will also provide valuable information about the same. This is your chance to integrate the full potential of your Apple watch!

Best Apple Watch games to download and play in 2022 – Quick overview

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The Apple Watch makes everything possible, to infuriate your enemies to win the best battle. Featuring adventure games like Pocket Bandit and Jupiter Attack, this article will include the best Apple Watch games to play. Our article has covered different setups and utilities across all the different genres available on the App Store. You can choose the best of all, the ten games mentioned below delight the soul.

Ten best Apple Watch games to play in 2022

1) Pocket Bandit – The most downloaded Apple Watch game on the App Store

Pocket Bandit, the most downloaded Apple Watch game on the App Store

With the most downloads on the App Store, Pocket Bandit is often found on all Apple Watches. This Apple watch game takes the user through a tricky situation with awesome brainstorming and muscle memory tricks. The adventure often goes beyond the limits with distinctive features like timeout and multiple rounds of gameplay. It also uses the taptic-engine and digital crown to create a realistic ambiance.

Such crazy game settings with modes like opening the vault are often the perfect gaming session for a short duration. Therefore, this game is supposed to be among the best Apple Watch games to play in 2022.

Available on App Store, users can get it for $0.99.

Download Pocket Bandit from the App Store

2) Tiny Armies – The Apple Watch Light Game

Tiny Armies The light game in the Apple Watch

This lightweight Apple Watch game is the perfect battleground maneuver depicting an epic war session. With quick response, the game comes with a striking presentation when a person can play against their friends. Likewise, users can train solo and battle against the computer on different skill settings.
While Apple previously made the game for iPhone and iPad, it’s also available for your Apple Watch. Ranking it at #2 on the list of best Apple Watch games to play, users must embark on an adventure to seek more lands for their empire.

The game is available for $0.99 on the App Store. Get it now!

Download Tiny Armies from the App Store

3) Rules! – Best Apple Watch game to exercise your memory

Rules!  Best Apple Watch game to exercise your memory

While most fun games belong to the adventurous genre, some games often slow things down. This game from TheCodingMonkeys is an exciting strategy for regularly exercising your memory. With new rules to follow at each level, the user must remember previous rules to advance to the next level. Any rookie mistake can often penalize the user for starting from scratch.

Available in three different skill levels, users can purchase rulers from the App Store for $2.99.

Download the rules from the App Store

4) Bubblegum Hero – Best Game to Play on Apple Watch

Bubblegum Hero Best Game to Play on Apple Watch

While waiting for a ride or someone special, users miss most of the day. As boring as it may sound, the right game can lighten that time. Bubblegum Hero introduces a rigorous gameplay session where the user must produce the perfect sized bubble to keep increasing their XP. If the size is not perfect, the bubble bursts and the hero ends up hurting innocent people.

With 20 heroes to choose from, the game is an exciting adventure to choose from. Being the best apple watch game to play, Bubblegum Hero is available for free on App Store.

Download Bubblegum Hero from the App Store

5) Ping Pong – Classic Free Retro Game for Apple Watch

Ping Pong Classic Free Retro Game for Apple Watch

Taking you back to the 90s, Pong for Apple Watch Game is the perfectly designed Pong game on the smallest screen possible. The gaming experience has been taken to the next level using the Digital Crown. As a user gets more into the game, he can choose from the various game modes introduced by the developer.

One can choose between ping pong and escape and invader and have fun all day long. Different game configurations are also added to improve the UI/UX. Therefore, don’t miss the adventure and get the game today!

Download Ping Pong from the App Store

6) Mini Watch Games 24 in 1 – The ultimate game collection for Apple Watch

Mini Watch Games 24-in-1 The ultimate game collection for Apple Watch

Introducing such fun gaming settings on the smaller screen might seem impossible to most. However, the Mini Apple Watch Games have unlocked all possible game arenas. Users have a wide choice of games with amazing games like puzzles, cards, races and sports.

The recent app updates have been attributed to the user interface, which is second to none. At the price of $0.99, it can be purchased from the App Store.

Download Mini Watch Games 24-in-1 from App Store

7) Chess – Most Popular Puzzle Game on Apple Watch

The most loved brain chess game on Apple Watch

Originating from India, Chess is an Apple Watch game loved by people all over the world. Insisting on the need of the hour, users can very well prepare their Polish defense and other attacking strategies to gain the upper hand over their opponent. Chess.com has taken the hustle and bustle to the next level with its platform introducing daily puzzles and other tournaments, including grandmasters and other skilled personalities.

Don’t forget to check the leaderboard to brag about your position against players from different countries.

Download Chess from App Store

Arcadia Popular fun game on an Apple Watch

If you belong to the 90s, you must remember the arcade games that entertained us as the best gaming experience. Well, bringing nostalgia to the smallest screen, Arcadia is the perfect hub for playing games like racing, pinball, snake and many more. By avoiding all unnecessary features such as user tracking, ads, and IAPs, users are free to experience the app with peace of mind.

With different levels in each game, users can spend a lot of time on the app without losing confidence in it. As of June 17, 2022, Arcadia is available for $1.99, which ultimately ranks it among the best Apple Watch games to play.

Download Arcadia from the App Store

9) Infinity Loop: the most calm and relaxing fun game on Apple Watch

Infinity Loop Quietest and most relaxing fun game on Apple Watch

The perfect app for brainstorming during those boring conferences is now available. Although we’ve played the Infinity Loop game on our smartphones, wearing the same on your wrist feels different. This Apple Watch playable game starts with an easy level of finite loops, which the user must convert to an infinite loop to advance. As the user progresses, the level of difficulty increases and the puzzles become difficult.

Unleash your creativity to complete the different levels and pass your time using the best Apple Watch games to play.

Download Infinity Loop from the App Store

10) Jupiter Attack: Best Arcade Shooter on Apple Watch

Jupiter Attack Best Arcade Shooter on Apple Watch

Jupiter Attack is nothing you haven’t encountered yet. Every kid in his life loved this intergalactic space war. Defending Earth from evil space invaders, you as a hero must protect Earth at all costs. Users can experience the premium UI facilities using the touch screen and digital crown.

With simultaneous operation, users can indulge in the game properly to achieve their goals. This Apple Watch-based game comes with retro music and 60 frames per second. So collect your power-ups and enter this world to defeat the evil invaders!

Download Jupiter Attack from the App Store

Explore Apple Watch Games

With such amazing games on your wrist, keeping your hands off would be a serious issue. Users can relive their childhood games on the Apple Watch, making it a memorable experience for many. Many of the best Apple Watch games to play in 2022 are popular with the public and receive huge downloads while the developers work on the user interface. Individuals should also explore the various utilities and applications available on the App Store.

Therefore, unleash the true gaming experience with Apple Watch today!

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