4 girls invent a device to find lost objects

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 4, 2022

A team of four Emirati students have invented a smart device that can locate lost items.

Abdulrahman Said, Staff reporter

A team of four Emirati female students from the Abu Dhabi Applied Technology Secondary School have invented a smart device that can be connected to a phone app designed to track and search for lost items via Bluetooth, helping people find their lost items such as jewelry. boxes, computers or valuables. When searching for a lost object, it triggers a light and sound alarm.

The working team – Al Anoud Al Amiri, Aisha Zakaria, Amal Shahla and Amal Al Nawfali – explained that the device is a small chip with a tracking function via the mobile application dedicated to it, according to GPS for tracking and finding lost items. elements.

Al Anoud Al Amri said, “When the app connects to the device via Bluetooth, information and data is received from the GPS chip that appears through the app, where it can be placed or pasted with objects of value and collectibles to locate them. The app also includes the feature of recording the current location of the device as well as displaying movements from one location to another.

Al Amri also mentioned that the device includes a new feature, which is to emit a light and sound alarm in case the user, owner of the application, approaches the device. For example, if the device is attached to something valuable and the app says it’s in the bedroom but is under the bed or covered in clothes so it can’t be seen , the feature allows you to find it immediately. Al Amiri noted that the app, using Bluetooth technology, monitors the location of the missing thing within a range of 15 to 30 meters, pointing out that if someone removes the device from things, the app monitors the last device location and users can control its settings to get a notification alert that the thing they had put the cards on is out of the detection range of the phone.

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