5 reasons not to install a free phone tracker app without permission

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 11, 2022

If you want to know where your loved ones are in the real world, you might think it’s a good idea to install a free phone tracker app without permission. Although it can be very tempting, it is still a bad decision to track a phone without the user’s knowledge. Here’s why.

1. There are better options available

Suppose you are a good person. You care about the well-being of your lover, your spouse, your brother, your child or your friend.

You may be worried that they are going to risky places and you may need to pick them up when they are unable to call you to tell you where they are. It might seem reasonable for you to use an app to track their phone without permission, but there are better options available.

If you and your target know and trust each other, it’s easy to set up location sharing on iPhone or, using Google Maps on Android, track your friends in real time.

No additional software is needed, and this way you will both know where each other is at all times.

2. Tracking a phone without the user’s knowledge is scary

If you are unable to persuade your friend to share their location using Google Maps or let you track them on iPhone, you are probably looking for the best phone tracking app that you can install without permission.

Stop there for a minute. Doesn’t that sound a bit scary to you? Sinister perhaps? Is this something you would be embarrassed about if other people found out? Would you be ashamed if this happened in court? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you should not install a good phone tracker app without permission.

3. Installing a free phone tracking app can ruin relationships

However benevolent your intentions, installing software on someone else’s phone without permission is a betrayal of trust.

If they are already part of your life, the person you want to follow already trusts you on many points, including physical access or proximity to their phone. By installing a tracking app without permission, you undermine that trust, and when they find out (and yes, they eventually will), you might just find out that they don’t trust you anymore.

4. Following someone without permission is stalking

Harassment laws vary across the United States, but most include actions such as following someone – just having you do it via a sneaky phone tracking app, rather than in person, probably won’t. a lot of difference.

These interactions must be unwanted and unwelcome by the recipient to be considered harassment. The fact that you have resorted to installing a phone tracking app without permission is a strong indicator that it is both obtrusive and unwanted.

5. Accessing someone’s phone location without permission is a crime

All 50 states, plus several US territories, have computer crime laws. These make it clear that it is a criminal offense to access, store data, retrieve data, or intercept and modify computing resources without consent.

Your target’s phone is actually a computer, and by accessing it and harvesting location information without permission, you are, in effect, a criminal.

Additionally, 21 states plus Guam and Puerto Rico have laws specifically targeting spyware. And software to secretly track a phone without them knowing definitely falls under this heading.

Installing a free phone tracking app without permission is not the best idea

By installing a tracking app on someone’s phone without their consent, you are putting your personal relationship at risk. You’re also putting yourself in serious legal danger, with potential charges ranging from stalking to computer misuse. At the very least, it will look spooky and extremely scary.

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