7 months later, NMMT fails to rectify bus tracking app

ByLance T. Lee

Jul 12, 2022

Even after seven months, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) has not resolved the issue in its bus tracking app as around 150 air-conditioned (AC) electric buses are not available in the tracking app. This left many commuters puzzled as they see no AC electric buses in the app, despite being on regular commutes.

In December last year, as part of environmentally friendly measures, NMMT introduced about 150 AC electric buses on different routes. The transport wing charges the normal fare for these buses.

Soon after the introduction of these buses, they became popular among commuters as they travel in AC buses at normal fare. Even the frequency has been improved with the availability of a good number of buses. NMMT buses are popular among commuters as they serve almost all parts of MMR.

However, commuters who use the NMMT bus tracking app on their cell phones have found that these AC buses cannot be located. This left them puzzled. Initially, they suspected the network; because other buses are available on the tracking mobile app, except EVs.

The mobile app works on the Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS) and helps commuters to check the real-time location of buses, and also get information about nearby bus stops and bus routes, among others. The mobile app has also brought laurels to the civic transport wing as it received central government awards for making travel hassle-free.

However, hassle-free commuting has become a bit difficult for many commuters. Swarna Singh, a resident of Nerul, says she travels to Belapur every day to get to her place of work. “Until last year, I used the mobile app to check bus availability before leaving home. However, with the introduction of electric buses, I have no idea,” Singh said.

She added that instead of depending on the tracking app, she managed to get the schedule from the bus driver. However, on several occasions, she had to wait for buses because she does not know the exact location of the bus and the time to get to her bus stop.

When the FPJ contacted Yogesh Kaduskar, Managing Director of NMMT, he said there was a technical issue in the software and some buses were not available on the app. “We are updating the system and within a fortnight all electric vehicles will be available on the app,” Kaduskar said. He added that NMMT has a total of 600 buses in its fleet, of which 150 buses are AC electric vehicles.

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