8th grade students create unique device for jawans

ByLance T. Lee

Jul 24, 2022

In addition to being deployed at the border, the soldiers deployed in different parts of the country also have to deal with difficult situations, including natural disasters in which many young people lose their lives every year. Recently, due to the landslide in Manipur and hilly areas in the northeast, many jawans had to risk their lives. Keeping this in mind, two students created a smartwatch tracker using which they can discover the location of jawans. This smartwatch tracker will be useful in a situation where a Jawan loses contact with his team.

A landslide shocks 8th graders: Reports say that two students Daksha Agarwal and Suraj, who are studying in Class 8 of the Aryan International School in Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency, have jointly created a special “Smart Soldier Trekker Watch” for the jawans deployed in difficult areas. Student Daksha Agarwal said the landslide incident in Manipur shocked him. After this incident, he invented a special type of smartwatch which will be very useful for army personnel and civilians.

Smartwatch tracker will do such thing: They said the soldier-tracking smartwatch would search for jawans buried in debris during a landslide and act as a rescue team. This tracker watch has two parts – the first is the transmitter sensor which will be mounted in the jawans watch. At the same time, the second receiver is the alarm system which is connected to the transmitter sensor of the smartwatch. The receiver alarm system will be in the army control room. Now its range will be about 50 meters. Whenever a landslide-like event occurs, there will be pressure on the watch’s sensors, causing it to become active. After which the signal will be sent to the receiver. As soon as the receiver receives the radio signal sent by the clock, the alarm in the control room is triggered. Then the signal from the clock buried in the debris will get the information about the area inside.

The smartwatch tracker will have a tracker: Meanwhile, Suraj, who helped make the soldier tracking smartwatch, said the first transmitter would look like a watch. This watch is going to be on the wrist of the jawan. Second, our receiving system will be quite small. We can also keep it in our pockets as a mobile. This receiver device will be in the jawan control room. The two devices will be connected to each other by radio signals. This watch functions as a transmitter.

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