A quick look at a device that plays a vital role in the criminal justice system

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 19, 2022

Ankle surveillance is a method of monitoring offenders outside of jail or prison.

Probation supervision of offenders and correctional alternatives are essential elements of the criminal justice system. Offender probation supervision involves monitoring offenders on probation and ensuring that they comply with the terms of their probation. Correctional alternatives refer to the various options available to offenders convicted of a crime. These options include, but are not limited to, probation, parole, and community service. Probation supervision of offenders also ensures that offenders do not engage in criminal activity. Similarly, correctional alternatives help offenders to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society. Some companies offer excellent solutions to make these systems work efficiently. Here is an overview of that.

ankle monitoring device

Ankle surveillance is a method of monitoring offenders outside of jail or prison. A bracelet goes around the person’s ankle to monitor their position and sends alerts if they attempt to leave a specified area. The bracelet can also monitor their alcohol consumption, compliance with curfews and other restrictions. You can check AMP probation and ankle monitoring once for more knowledge.

How does an ankle monitoring device work?

The device monitors the whereabouts of the person to ensure that they remain within the boundaries set by the court. They are usually small electronic tools attached to the individual’s skin with a strap or band and contain a GPS or SCRAM tracking unit which communicates with a monitoring center. The monitoring center can track the individual’s location and ensure that they stay within a specified area. Essentially, the anklet sends a signal tracked by the base station so the agent can tell if the person wearing the anklet is in the approved area.

Who Should Wear Anklets?

A person under house arrest may have to wear this device which can use one of two commonly used technologies – GPS or SCRAM. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and SCRA for continuous and secure remote alcohol monitoring. While the former provides location and movement details, the latter can track alcohol consumption and other related issues. Courts order it in some extreme cases to help control an offender’s behavior and slowly blend into the community over time. Some common crimes where these devices are increasingly being used include drug-related crimes, impaired driving, flight risk, domestic violence, and more.

An ankle monitoring device is valuable to attorneys, law enforcement, judges, non-profit organizations, and local, state, and district courts. The device helps to ensure the safety of the community and the people who live there. They can use the reports generated by the tool to make critical decisions regarding the person’s probation or parole. However, only a reputable company can offer the right kind of tool for these essential purposes. It is therefore necessary to find those who already have a position in the market. Otherwise, all efforts to make a community livable and safe may be in vain.

However, this is just one example of what new technologies can do. Other solutions also contribute to making society a safer and better place for everyone. It may therefore be worth exploring these options. These can be available at affordable prices.

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