“An App Every Household Needs”: CEO, The CoBuilders – an app for household delivery.

ByLance T. Lee

Jul 22, 2022

Household delivery app

Household delivery app

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The CoBuilders house cleaning delivery app works like Uber or Lyft for grocery delivery or DoorDash for food delivery.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, USA, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The CoBuilders, a technology company in Fort Worth, Texas, has launched the world’s first house cleaning delivery app to make house cleaning easy and convenient home for homeowners, home renters, business owners, working parents and everyone else.

The CoBuilders house cleaning delivery app works like Uber or Lyft for grocery delivery or DoorDash for food delivery. Consumers simply need to install the app, create an account, fill in the necessary information about their cleaning needs, and immediately connect with a house cleaner. All transactions are conducted from the convenience of consumers’ mobile phones.

Customers who install The CoBuilders app can order house cleaning anytime, anywhere. They are assured that a professional cleaner will arrive at the scheduled date and time to do the cleaning.

A company spokesperson said there is a clear distinction between The CoBuilders and other house cleaning service apps.

The company spokesperson added that The CoBuilders app stands out from other house cleaning apps with its instantly available cleaning quotes and transparent pricing. With The CoBuilders, there are no hidden costs and no monthly subscription required. This means that consumers are not bound by a contract and can simply order delivery of a cleaning service anytime and anywhere when they need it.

The CoBuilders app also provides real-time in-app order tracking and invoicing. A common complaint from users of other house cleaning apps is that customers have to wait or call and check if the cleaner doesn’t arrive on time. With The CoBuilders app, customers can track the step-by-step progress from when they place the cleaning order to when the cleaner completes the job.

Other house cleaning apps tend to confuse consumers with the wide variety of services they offer, which sometimes complicates the steps for ordering cleaning services. The CoBuilders app simplifies all of this with its user-friendly dashboard. Consumers can easily choose from four predefined cleaning services to suit their needs: Standard Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Moving, and Post-Event Cleaning.

Some house cleaning apps only offer dissatisfied customers a re-cleaning service or a credit for future cleaning. CoBuilders app customers can request a refund if they are not satisfied with the cleaning services. Additionally, consumers can rate the cleaner’s work and order the same cleaner for future cleaning programs.

“The CoBuilders is an app that every household needs. It’s an app that improves work-life balance,” the company spokesperson said.

In summary, customers who download and use The CoBuilders app enjoy many benefits, including: instant service, no minimum order requirements, great service at low prices and no hidden charges, convenient planning, including future cleaning schedules, and vetted professional cleaners who have passed background checks.

The CoBuilders also provides worldwide employment opportunities for cleaning companies and cleaners by joining The Cobuilders platform. Like consumers, cleaners must install the app and register as cleaners. Cleaners will need to pass a thorough criminal background check conducted by a reputable third-party agency to give customers peace of mind and make them feel safe letting cleaners into their homes.

In previous press releases, company CEO Bukola Michael Nelson, who designed The CoBuilders app, said they are working on adding more fun features to better serve consumers and make cleaning up easier. the House.

Technology company CoBuilders has just become a member of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the largest trade associations in North Texas. CoBuilders were also recently accredited and received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Visit The CoBuilders website for more details. The CoBuilders app is available on iOS and Android or on the web.

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