Another Google Pixel Watch leak suggests the device will launch soon

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 16, 2022

We’ve been waiting a long time for the Google Pixel Watch to arrive, and we’re still waiting – the wait may be over.

It “won’t be long now”, before the laptop is officially unveiled by Google. Blass, on the other hand, no longer gives temporal clues.

Blass posted a screenshot that appears to be from online documentation and references the Pixel Rohan. If you’ve been following Pixel Watch leaks for years, you’ll know that Rohan is the rumored codename for the device.

With Google IO 2022 now announced and set to kick off on May 11, the Developer Conference could be the perfect opportunity for Google to unveil its flagship smartwatch and show us what those years of development have come to.

As for the onboard software, the screenshot shared in the latest leak mentions Wear OS 3.1. Given that Wear OS 3.2 is already out, we hope Google’s wearable is running the latest software when it finally appears.

Indeed, tipster Jon Prosser also suggested that the Pixel Watch could be teased at the IO event – ​​although Prosser added that we might not see the device go on sale until the end of the month. year while Google tries to ramp up production.

As we mentioned above, the Pixel Watch is one of the most anticipated devices of recent years by Google fans. With the Pixel series now back on track with the well-received Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro – in terms of reviews if not sales – the time seems ripe for more Pixel hardware to appear.

It’s not yet known exactly what features the smartwatch will integrate, but we should hear a lot more from Google IO. The event is used to talk about Google’s software products and showcase new upgrades, and Wear OS is likely to appear.

When it does appear, the Pixel Watch will have plenty of competition from Samsung. It’s possible that Google will unveil a device that focuses on being affordable rather than the most feature-rich wearable. If Google is serious about Pixel phones challenging what Apple and Samsung have to offer, then it really needs a high-end smartwatch to go along with it. We’re hoping the long lead time we’ve had until the Pixel Watch launch means it’s going to be an impressive device when it does appear.

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  • Another Google Pixel Watch leak suggests the device will launch soon
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