Apple certifies the Hiru eye-tracking device as a Made for iPad accessory and is now compatible with iPadOS, in addition to Windows

ByLance T. Lee

May 12, 2022

Hiru’s advanced AI-based software algorithms, combined with state-of-the-art hardware, capture eye movements and translate them into precise actions on iPadOS, giving users with physical and motor disabilities the ability to use eye tracking on iPadOS for communication, learning, work, and media apps like YouTube and Spotify.

The initiation process is intuitive and quick, with Hiru calibrating the user’s eye in just seconds. Hiru’s hardware ensures a seamless user experience, combining high performance chip technology with ease of use. The camera and optical sensors provide greater precision and longer battery life. On iPadOS, Hiru users can use Enhanced Communication and Assistive (AAC) apps like TouchChat – currently in beta.

Based on the success in the European market, IRISBOND extends its operations to United States and hired Marc Maragni to run the new business. IRISBOND distributes its products through distributors in 36 countries in Europe, South Americaand North America.

“Hiru helps users control iPadOS using eye tracking and makes communication easier for users with disabilities,” mentioned Eduardo JaureguiCEO and founder of IRISBOND. It’s a big step forward for eye tracking technology and we are thrilled to receive Made for iPad certification from Apple. We believe contactless technology like Hiru offers new opportunities for a safer and more inclusive world, especially as we enter a post-pandemic environment.”

“Our team is excited to partner with IRISBOND and excited about the possibilities that Hiru will bring to the field of enhanced communication and assistive technologies,” said John CostelloDirector of the Enhanced Communication Program and the Jay S. Fishman ALS Enhanced Communication Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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About Hiru
Made for iPad certified Hiru devices will be available for purchase in Spain departure May 11. Users from other countries can contact Irisbond via be put in touch with a local distributor and obtain a Hiru eye-tracker within 8 weeks.

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