Apple iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 How to Download, New Features, Supported Devices

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 13, 2022

Visual Look Up This is a completely different feature introduced by Apple last year, it offered more information about the photo you were looking at, such as landmark details and similar web results. It now houses statues, birds and insects. However, you can also use the tool to capture the subject from a photo (much like using ). PhotoShop Lasso Tool) to paste wherever you want in a conversation topic in Messages.

Medication Tracking

Apple has updated the Health app with new medication tabs to make it easier to track your medications. You can use it. Add drugs Set reminders, then receive them on the smartphone. apple watch). You can manually enter these drugs or scan the label on your phone’s camera to see the contents. Data includes Critical, SeriousYou may also call it: Moderate There are no interactions with the pill. You will also be able to log when your medications have been taken. You This data may be shared with your relatives.

Use your iPhone as a webcam

Photography: Olivia Bee/Apple

Your iPhone can be used as a MacBook webcam (rear cameras, which are significantly better than webcam cameras), and without needing to plug anything in, your Mac will automatically detect your rear camera and use it to make video calls . (Any working MacBook Mac OS Ventura This feature will be supported. You can use features like Center StageThe camera follows you around a room and follows you. Portrait ModeBlurring the background helps obscure the mess behind. There’s even a desktop display mode that uses the ultra-wide camera to show people what’s on your desktop. However, I don’t want anyone to see this. Apple says it works with Belkin You can order custom stands to dress up your iPhone on the top MacBook.

Apple Maps goes to Vegas

Apple Currently, a selection of cities in the United States has been slowly redesigned to present richer data. The company has been added Las Vegas, NevadaAdd, to the list. Six more cities will be added by the end. Other Maps You can add up to 15 stops to your destination before reaching it in updates. It is ideal for long car journeys. Mac You can send it directly to your iPhone If you can see fares and add transit cards to your transit system.

Lock Mode

Photography: Apple

In an effort to protect your devices from “highly sophisticated cyberattacks”, Lock Mode provides an extra layer of protection for your iPhone and iPad. When To prevent spyware or malware from accessing sensitive data, the security features of websites, apps, and enabled features will be limited. You You can learn more Lock mode How to get there here.

Security controle

This new tool allows you to All access should be promptly removed You may have given to other people around you. It includes an emergency reset that will sign you out of iCloud on all other devices, reset privacy permissions, and limit messaging to the device in your hands. It also shows who has access to your apps and devices.

Family Sharing

iPhone showing iOS 16 Family Sharing feature

Photography: Apple

Now it’s much easier to set up devices and accessories for your kids. Simply hold your iPhone close to your iPad to access your account. It will set it up with all the parental controls you previously set. You can also grant Screen Time extensions to the Messages app rather than having to go to your device settings. You can also learn about a family checklist tool to suggest things like turn on location sharing and change settings as your kids grow.


It also allows you to view content Origins of.

Other New Features

There are many other options. iOS 16 features. Here is some other information to know:

  • Mail: You can now schedule emails, cancel sending emails in a short time, get reminders for adding attachments if you mention the word, and snooze the email. You can also get follow-up suggestions. Apple also said that the search function has been redesigned so that you can find old email addresses much more easily.
  • House: The Home app has been completely redesigned. It will support the future material standardNow you can see your whole house in one stream.
  • FaceTime call forwarding: When FaceTiming is enabled on your phone, you need to hold the device close to your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone face and the call will transfer to your large screen device. It works with any working MacBook Mac OS Ventura.
  • Aptitude: Yes, it’s true. The Fitness app is To finish Anyone with an iPhone is eligible. No Apple Watch needed. You will be able to close your rings and not have to wear them Apple Watch. You will also find many new features here. WatchOS features designed for race tracking.
  • Apple News: The new My Sports section lets you follow your favorite players and teams in one area of ​​The News app. You can see scores and standings as well as highlights. It is available in UK, USA and Canada, Canada and Australia. You’ll get premium coverage if you subscribe to Apple News+.
  • Car Play: Apple is collaborating with automakers to redesign CarPlay. This includes a configurable odometer, buttons that let you control every aspect of your car, and a unified interface. This new experience will be available in the first cars launched at the end of 2023.
  • Accessibility: These are just some of the most important accessibility features. Door detection iPhone allows visually impaired and blind people to see the area in front of them. Apple Watch Mirroring Allows anyone with motor or physical disabilities to take full control of the device. Apple Watch from iPhone
  • Quick Notes: This iPad feature now available for iPhones You access the note wherever you want by creating it from the Control Center.
  • Nintendo Controller Support: iOS16 add support For Nintendo Switch Pro Joy-Cons controller, you can also play games with them. iOS already supports PS5 Xbox Series X controllers.


Some of the above features are currently available in iOS 16, but more will be available in future updates. Apple We weren’t given an exact date, other than that they will be available later this year or in a future update.

Pay later with Apple Pay

iPhone showing iOS 16 Pay Later feature

You can afford it. Really.

Photography: Apple

Services You can buy now, but pay later. Some reactions from a consumer analystHowever, Apple is moving forward with its own version. Apple pay later. In a future update, you will be able to split the cost of an Apple Pay You can purchase four equal payments over six weeks with no interest and no fees. You’ll also have the option to apply Apple Pay later when checking out with Apple Pay (Apple says it will do a soft credit check and you’ll need to back it up with a debit or credit card. Apple is said to it’s available worldwide Apple Pay It can be accepted online or in the app

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