Apple iOS 16 is here including iOS 16 beta download

ByLance T. Lee

Jun 7, 2022

At WWDC 2022, Apple announced the upcoming iOS 16 operating system, along with the new MacBook Air using Apple’s latest generation M2 chip. It doesn’t look like the “Always On Display” feature is being announced anywhere, but we’ve heard rumors that it’s only for the new iPhone 14.

But for now, we are getting some exciting iPhone lock screen customization among other things. Here are some highlights of what’s new in iOS 16.

Lock screen

Lock screen customizations

In iOS 16, the lock screen is getting some love and it definitely deserves it. You can now customize era fonts, while applying smart filters to the wallpaper photo so it looks like it’s in the background behind the subjects. I guess this only works if you are using a Portrait photo as your wallpaper.

The filters also take into account the colors of your wallpaper and give some suggestions that you can choose from. But above all, you can now put widgets on the lock screen, which is quite handy for having quick access to shortcuts.

You can create multiple lock screens and easily switch between them.

Less intrusive notifications

Don’t you hate when notification bubbles fill your screen, cover your wallpaper, and make it look cluttered? Well, no more. Notifications now come from the bottom and you can even hide them.

Live Activities

It’s similar to widgets, but more specifically, it allows app developers to let their app send a continuous update rather than pushing new notifications every time. For example, if you’re following a live score, waiting for an Uber driver to arrive, or a Dominos pizza, this live activity notification is like a pin on your lock screen and sends you updates. live day properly.

Integration with Focus

With the new Focus feature introduced in the previous iOS and now you can create multiple lock screens, iOS 16 gives you the option to link a Focus to a custom lock screen. So, for example, you can select a work goal and it will switch to that goal AND also to your specific lock screen (with matching wallpaper and widgets). This is quite convenient as you can only use certain apps for work and different ones in the evening for your personal entertainment.

In addition, a Focus can now also integrate into apps. For example, you can choose to see your bookmarks or work-related sites only during work, or specific business/personal events in Calendar.


You can now edit the messages you just sent, or even cancel the message (assuming your recipient hasn’t seen it yet). You can also mark any message thread as unread so you can come back to it later.

Apple Pay – Tap iPhone to pay

If you’re a business owner and don’t have a Stripe machine or POS system, you can use your iPhone to securely accept payments. It’s really cool and it can definitely save small business owners a lot of money without having to invest in a POS system. It seems to work in the US and we don’t know if this feature is going mainstream.

Likewise, there is a new Apple Pay Later which works like Afterpay here in Australia (most likely a US only thing) and Apple Pay Tracking which will allow you to track orders if you place an order through Apple Pay. Expect this to be implemented when you purchase your iPhone 14 later this year from the Apple Store app.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

This is an easier way to share photos with a group like Family. For example, we have a new member in the family and more often than not my wife, my grandparents and I take different pictures of our son. We then usually have to share the photos via WhatsApp so that everyone can see and have access to the photos.

iCloud Shared Photo Library makes it easy to share photos with everyone you give access to. There is an option when taking a photo with the camera to automatically include that photo in iCloud shared Photo Library, or manually select photos from your Photo Library, or automatically select certain people in Photos (via the IA), or when the group is only meters apart and iOS 16 automatically detects that you will certainly share the photos together.

Apple iOS 16 release date

iOS 16 release date is expected to be in September 2022 when Apple will announce the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 14

Apple iOS 16 Beta Release Date

iOS 16 beta is now available for developers, but iOS 16 public beta is expected to be available in July (next month).

Apple iOS 16 Beta Download

How to download iOS 16 beta? If you are an Apple developer, you can download iOS 16 Beta 1 now on your device. This can be done by installing a beta profile on your phone.

But if you’re not or just an average Joe, you should wait for the iOS 16 public beta to release next month. Or you might get lucky and get a developer profile — that way you can install iOS 16 Beta on your iPhone now. However, note that usually with beta 1 there will be a lot of bugs and public beta is usually more stable, so it’s best to wait a bit or check to see what the bugs of iOS 16 beta 1 are .

Learn more about iOS 16 here.

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