Appsumo Lifetime: Trackabi Time Tracker App Lifetime Deal for $99.00

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 21, 2022

Trackabi time tracking app: Trackabi is an employee time tracking and leave management software that leverages the gamification approach to make boring things fun. Trackabi has been offering its services since 2018. Since then, the Trackabi team has greatly expanded its customer base and continues to add more valuable features.

Trackabi includes a web version, a desktop app for Windows Linux and macOS as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android (coming soon). Trackabi is a great tool for freelancers, distributed teams, hourly service providers, and other businesses that want to improve employee productivity or work on time-sensitive projects.

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The main features of Trackabi are: desktop timer application for Windows Linux and macOS (screenshot capturing user activity monitoring log of open applications); mobile app with GPS tracking (coming soon); time tracking gamification;

Click here to purchase Trackabi Time Tracker app lifetime supply for $99.00

highly customizable timesheets; employee leave management integrated with timesheets; customizable time reports; invoicing and payments; project plans and estimates; user access roles; customer access; Git commits the import; informative dashboards; company data information; lock timesheets.

Trackabi is a complete platform for employee time tracking and leave management with many extras such as billing user activity monitoring reports, user access roles or even transformation of Git commits to timesheet entries. In addition to that, we offer you to play time tracking game instead of just track time.


25 users (employees), 300 projects, 100 customers

Timesheet management, desktop timer app

Time tracking gamification

Time reports with export to PDF and Excel

Invoices with PDF export, payment tracking

Employee activity information

Employee leave management

Project plans and estimates, budget and expenses

Permission-Based User Access Roles

Sharing timesheets, reports and invoices with clients

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