Australian Track and Trace Software Helps Kiwi Businesses | New Zealand business magazine

ByLance T. Lee

May 10, 2022

New software developed in Australia aims to give New Zealand businesses confidence that their Covid-19 testing programs keep employees safe while reducing the risk of disruption.

“The rampant spread of Omicron and the risk of new variants is putting pressure on companies to step up surveillance testing of their workforce,” says Graham Gordon, CEO of the medical technology company. Guardian.

“The Guardian Test Tracker solution and Self Check app gives businesses peace of mind that they stay aware of the issue and can continue to operate.

“We’ve seen this in Australia, and now in New Zealand – as Omicron spreads the threats to businesses and personnel increase significantly,” says Gordon. “That’s why ABC was an early adopter of our solution – helping to keep multiple studios, film crews, news crews and cameras up and running and safe during the pandemic.

“Good companies do everything they can to ensure the health and well-being of their employees and the Test Tracker solution gives them the assurance that they are not only regularly checking the COVID status of staff, but also ensure that they do not come to work with the virus,” he explains.

“The last thing a business needs is to be forced by a shortage of employees to shut down all or part of the operation, disrupting deliveries and customer services and damaging relationships – which is why implementing Implementing the right surveillance testing program is essential from a business continuity standpoint.

“We know that many companies in New Zealand test workers on arrival, which carries a significant risk of the virus entering the workplace. And relying on workers to routinely use rapid home antigen tests is not robust enough given the risks of reporting,” Gordon says.

“Repeatable, self-managed Covid-19 testing and reporting through the secure software we have developed is an effective and proven way to monitor worker health and keep the virus at bay.”

How Guardian Test Tracker Works

The Guardian Self Check app and Test Tracker management software allow staff to test from home, record that result, and share the data with their manager before heading to work.

Users perform a rapid antigen test and then record the result through the Self Check app which runs on a cloud-based platform. The app provides step-by-step instructions to ensure the test is performed correctly and the result is saved securely.

This generates a digital test result certificate, which can also display the test’s unique lot number. The test result can then be shared with the employer or even their doctor, or a public place.

For an employer, data is uploaded through Gardian’s secure Test Tracker software, allowing a company to create a consistent set of data to track the Covid status of all employees.

“It’s the only way to effectively slow the spread of the virus and maintain a Covid-free work environment,” Gordon said. “The software also ensures that employee records are secure and remain confidential to both the individual and the employer.”

Success in Australia

The solution has proven itself in several companies in Australia where continuity of service is essential. Major clients include national broadcaster ABC, courier company Allied Express, Victorian International Container Terminal, the New South Wales Department of Community and Justice and a host of clients in the personal care sectors elderly and people with disabilities.

“We are all moving into a new normal and learning to live with COVID-19 which is still going to be with us for some time to come so businesses should invest in technology which will enable them to operate efficiently, look after health and well-being of their staff and staying open in a Covid world,” says Gordon.

Guardian also sought Ministry of Health approval for its rapid T3 saliva antigen test. It is a faster and more efficient alternative to rapid antigen tests that rely on nasal swabs. Regular use of nasal swabs can cause some people to experience “nasal fatigue” and saliva testing avoids this.

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