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ByLance T. Lee

Nov 14, 2022


There’s a lot of love to be had with a new baby: all those snuggle sessions, hundreds of adorable photos filling your camera roll, the chance to watch your little bundle grow right before your eyes.

But there’s also a lot to track: how long your little one sleeps, how many diapers you change, how often you pump, and how much your baby eats.

When it comes to feeding your baby, you’ll need to know a few details: What time did baby’s last feed start? How many ounces was that last bottle? How long was baby breastfed and on which breast(s)? How many times has she eaten today?

You’ll also need details of your baby’s diaper change, which can tell you a lot about their health: How long has it been since the last change? How many wet diapers and dirty diapers did she produce today? What is the color and consistency of baby poop?

Not to mention recording what happened during your pumping sessions if you do them on top of everything else.

There’s a lot to remember, especially when you’re getting (very) little sleep and balancing everything that comes with new parenthood. Fortunately, a baby tracker like the recently developed one featured in the What to Expect app can help.

What is a baby tracker?

A baby tracker does exactly what you’d expect: it helps you document all the details of your little one’s eating habits, diet, and diaper changes, as well as your pumping sessions if you have them. and other details of your little one’s daily routine.

A typical baby tracker includes:

  • A way to track your breastfeeding sessions, your bottles and your pumping sessions.
  • A timer to record the duration of each feeding.
  • History of feedings over time, so you can look back on previous feedings and see how they change as your baby grows.
  • A place to jot down all the notes you want to remember.
  • A way to track your baby’s diaper changes, including when each one happens, what’s in the diaper, when was your last diaper change, and the total number of diapers you changed in a day.
  • A note field to record details of your baby’s feedings, diaper changes, sleeping habits, tummy time and other facets of her daily routine.

How to use baby tracking What to expect

Looking for a baby tracker but not sure which one is the best? What to Expect baby tracker has all the features you are looking for.

All you have to do is download the free What to Expect app from your phone’s app store (if you don’t already have it), tap “tools”, then tap “Baby Tracker” .

Once in the tracker, you can use all of the tool’s features, including:

  • A way to add new feedings, diaper changes and pumping sessions right from the baby app and parent feed home screen.
  • A timer to time the duration of your feedings. If you are breastfeeding, you can record the time you spend feeding from the left and right breasts. Plus, the timer continues while you browse other content, so you can keep using the app while you feed your baby.
  • A useful notes field to add anything you want to remember about baby feeding sessions and diaper changes.
  • Feeding, pumping, and diapering information for the last day, week, and month so you can research recent eating and diapering habits.
  • Details of each of your baby’s diaper changes.

Benefits of using a baby tracker

The benefits of using a baby tracker are endless. Not only is it essential to make sure your baby is getting enough food and their diaper is changed regularly, but it can also help you remember which breast to feed next if you are breastfeeding, how much to offer after your baby’s nap toddler if you give him a bottle and what’s in his diaper so you can keep an eye on his nutrition and health.

Plus, logging your baby’s feeding and diaper details in a tracker like this means you have all the important information in one place. This way you can identify patterns in the way your toddler eats, grows and develops, and adjust as needed with guidance from your pediatrician.

Panicked thoughts like “Wait, how much did she eat a few hours ago?” and “When was the last time I changed his diaper?” can quickly be reduced with this tool. A health visit can become instantly easier when all you have to do is open an app to tell the doctor how much your baby is eating and how many diapers he’s producing per day, rather than trying to rack your brains for all the little details. .

Ultimately, a baby tracker like What to Expect’s “new addition” makes your life as a new parent a whole lot easier.

Try What to Expect’s new baby tracker and let us help you organize your little one’s feeding sessions and diaper changes, as well as your pumping sessions, so you don’t have to. do it. You will be able to enjoy this privileged moment with your baby all the more! You can download the What to Expect app (and use its baby tracker) for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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