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About the Best Phone Tracking App Without Permission

It’s no big secret that with the advancements in technology, people have invented many tools for our convenience. However, the truth is that most of us are unaware of the capabilities of these tools. In short, we’re not really making the best use of what technology has given us.

GPS technology is considered to be one of those technologies that are often overlooked by the vast majority of us. In general, users consider GPS as a tool that helps them find the right directions. Apart from all this, modern users often use GPS to perform other tasks. For example, you can use GPS to track your location, book a ride, find a good restaurant, and more.

Phone monitoring apps can help anyone spy on an unsuspecting person’s phone. Understandably, most people approach these apps with a healthy dose of cynicism, as their legality is hard to fathom. Severe penalties await those who use these apps illegally in modern society. Although we have used them for unethical reasons in the past, there are many legitimate reasons for having spyware apps. Worried parents can use it to monitor their child’s cell phone activity, for example.

Here is the list of best phone tracking apps without permission


mSpy gives you remote access to all data and activity on any phone, be it Android or iPhone. It can track all incoming and outgoing messages and calls, monitor browser activity and capture the current location of the phone without being detected on the target phone.

The application is extremely easy to configure and installation takes no less than 5 minutes. No root or jailbreak required either. The cell phone information you receive is constantly updated every 5 minutes to ensure you don’t miss any important details. Another thing that we find remarkable about this tool is the security it offers so that only you can access the information of a target phone.


It’s a great app for locating people without them knowing and being more accurate, especially based on your kids’ location. With this modality you can know where exactly your children are and know if they are telling the truth about where they are. With this application you can find out if the children have already left school, giving peace of mind to the stay of young people.

The possibilities of knowing in detail the location of the little ones are through a map that indicates the moment and the real time of the location. It also lets you know the GPS location of any parent or partner without them knowing. Although it offers all these benefits, you can still pay for the premium version of the program which gives the person more options upfront.

floating surveillance

When it comes to mobile trackers, there’s nothing more conventional and practical than Hoverwatch. Like all other apps mentioned in this list, this app works once installed. It monitors all cell phone activities while remaining completely invisible to the user of the monitored phone. The app can track up to 5 devices at the same time.

What really stands out about the app are its impressive geolocation capabilities. The app uses Wi-Fi towers, GPS, and cell towers to pinpoint the location of a monitored device. Hoverwatch continues to track a phone even if the phone user changes SIM card. Indeed, you will be notified each time the SIM card is replaced.

geographical search engine

GEOfinder is unlike any other cell phone tracking app on this list. First, it’s completely web-based. As such, you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing an app. This web service allows you to track a device by its phone number.

GEOfinder is compatible with all types of mobile devices and network providers, making it very easy to locate someone’s location by number. Also, your identity remains anonymous when you send an SMS with the link to track a target device.

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Spyine is widely regarded as the go-to name in spyware phone apps. Its spyware technology can be easily installed on Android and iPhone devices without the need to root or jailbreak a device. The app starts monitoring the target device secretly and sends you real-time updates which you can access from anywhere via a browser-based online control panel.

The app allows you to track and read target phone text messages, social media chats and more. You can also access phone call logs along with important details like call duration, frequency, and timestamp. The application also allows to evoke an area marked on an electronic map to receive an immediate notification when a person leaves or enters this area.


WiSpy is one of those rare apps that lets you listen to someone’s calls as they happen. Not only that, the app also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the phone with its robust 360° live streaming capability. Apart from that, you can also find other basic features of the phone spy app here.

The app can monitor social media activity, hack call logs, monitor messages, track GPS location, etc. The app works secretly 24/7 to update you with the latest information in real time and also allows you to monitor apps on the phone and block them remotely if you think they are not suitable to your child.


With Cocospy, you get a phone tracking app that tracks an Android or iOS device without the knowledge of the device owner. Cocospy can do this with its powerful stealth mode which gives you 100% invisibility to spy and track cell phone activities without suspicion.

All you need to do is sign up for a Cocospy account, pick up the device you want to track, and install Cocospy on it. Once installed, just log into your Cocospy account to start tracking the target device. You can track all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, monitor browser activity, read WhatsApp conversations and monitor browser activity. Its geofencing feature is perhaps what we admire the most about it.


Minspy is another great app that is compatible with almost all popular iPhone and Android devices. You can install it without jailbreak or root to remotely access information on any phone while remaining completely invisible. With this app, you can track everything like calls, texts, GPS location, social media activity, etc.

However, the best thing about this app is its live remote access capability. The application allows you to remotely view the target phone’s screen, remotely listen through the target phone’s microphone, remotely activate the phone’s cameras in emergency situations, and open, close, delete or close an application to be blocked.


Mobistealth is a spy app that can monitor both smartphone and computer activity. You get all the basic features, including SMS, calls, and GPS tracking, plus some awesome advanced features. The app allows you to track almost all computer and phone activities by simply logging keystrokes.

If you are an Android user, take advantage of Android’s unique surround recording feature. This feature allows you to record the surrounding sounds of a target phone. The app also records phone calls and uploads them to an online database where they can be viewed and listened to at any time.

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With Spyier, you can monitor almost all modern iPhone and Android devices. It is particularly useful for its geofencing function. So if you are a parent monitoring your child’s location, you will know when a child enters or leaves the area you have created on an electronic map. The phone spy app also allows you to monitor activities on all social media channels.

It offers a full user panel to access all the information collected by the app on the target phone. You get more information about call logs and messages than you need. You know exactly when calls were made, how long they lasted, and what type of calls they were, all from a single online dashboard.

Final Words: Best Phone Tracking App Without Permission

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