Best Phone Tracking App Without Permission

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 20, 2022

Some people have their own goals for following someone. It can detect whether their partners are cheating or not, and as for the parents, they can use the tracking apps to find out where their kids are. Children love to explore, especially when friends arrive. Now, is it possible to track cell phones without permission? Is it even legal?

To make it easier for parents to find their children facebook messenger tracker but also these tracking apps will be more than useful to alert them when their children leave their area. So, what are the available tracking apps that we want to introduce to you today? See the full list below:

Method 1: mSpy

The first free phone tracking app without permission is mSpy. Have you ever heard of mSpy before? mSpy is one of the best tracking and spying apps we have tested before. Parents can easily use mSpy to detect the location of their children, all thanks to the helpful features available.

One of them is the geofencing feature. Geofencing works by defining a certain extent of the area where the children are. If children leave said area, parents will be notified immediately by the app.

The user will receive the mSpy control panel which displays the locations with very detailed information. Right on the screen you can see latitude, longitude and even accuracy. This feature is what makes mSpy better than other iPhone tracking apps without permission.

No jailbreak

Apart from the default version of mSpy, there is also the jailbreak version of it. The mSpy jailbreak has fewer features than the original, but it still works, especially for parents who want to monitor their children’s online activities.

Although you cannot use it to track cell phone without permission, this app still has other useful features, such as Whatsapp monitoring, Internet activity monitoring and multiple language support, and it is also easy to set up and control.

Method 2: eyeZy

So, how to track a cell phone without permission? The second best solution you might have is eyeZy. Similar to mSPy, eyeZy also works great for monitoring and tracking someone’s phone.

You can also enjoy some of its nice features, such as:

  • Magic alerts. This feature will allow users to keep an eye on the conversations, locations and searches of the target phone. If anything unusual, whether in chats or other activities, happens, the app will notify you immediately. Since the app also has a geofencing feature, this app will also send you a notification if the target phone leaves the area.
  • Location function. This app will give users the freedom to locate the target phone freely, and the location feature will tell you the current and past locations specifically.

Method 3: Find My iPhone

You can also find the phone tracking app without permission on your own phone! To do this, use Find My iPhone. However, remember that this feature is only available once your friend agrees to location sharing with you.

After that, you and your friend are basically connected, and both of you can know each other’s real location. It can be useful when your phone is lost somewhere. Just ask your friend while watching this Find My iPhone feature, and your phone’s location can be detected almost immediately.

To do this, you can perform several steps:

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap Contacts and select the account of your friend you want to locate
  2. If they can be located, you will see them directly on the map
  3. If you are unable to find them, you will see a notice that says “No locations found”.
  4. Apart from watching the screen, you can also ask Siri for your friend’s location through this feature.


As you can see, there are apps where you can try to track someone’s whereabouts. Parents can now be relieved knowing that they can always monitor their children’s location and activities through a reliable app.

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