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May 13, 2022

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Like Android, Wear OS is also attractive and has an active, albeit small, community. When it comes to smartwatches, most of them have watch faces pre-installed, but the ability to add third-party watch faces is still one of the platform’s biggest assets. the designer can say no. With designs that give users a wide variety of options and Android Wear OS being an open source platform, creators have complete freedom to create any type of watch face.

In between selecting the right watch face, you should stick to the important aspects. If you want the full list displayed, look for an option with lots of details displayed with the device on the watch face. If you want your smartwatch to look more like a regular-looking traditional watch, you can select a classic aesthetic like an analog watch that also offers a tech vibe. So if you have an Android smartwatch and are looking for the best Wear OS watch faces, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out the list of best watch face apps for Android

to confront

Facer is one of the most popular apps for your smart watch that includes custom and branded watch faces. There are thousands of pre-made watch faces available on this platform which you can use for your Wear OS powered smartwatch. You can browse a selection of over 15,000 watch faces and choose and add a bunch to your library.

The app is available as a free download with some of the watch faces also available for free. Although most of the clock faces are free, some are part of the premium collection and you will need to make in-app purchases to access a huge library of premium clock faces. There is also a DIY mod available on their web platform through which you can modify any watch face or even create your own watch face.

Facer watch faces

If you are someone who likes to change watch faces every day and want a large collection of watch faces, then Facer is the app you need. It has a long list of watch faces from countless categories, both free and paid, and you can also customize them to your liking.

However, if you want an incredible variety of faces for a Wear OS watch, Facer will take you straight home. In case you want more, Little Labs, the developer of Facer, has a ton of apps for different styles of watch faces.

black pout

Pujie Black has been around for a long time and it shows. Like Facer, Pujie Black is a watch face design platform rather than a single watch face. Functionally, it resembles widget designers found on Android phones. Pujie Black users have virtually limitless options for fonts, colors, complications, and backgrounds.

You can even create your own clock hands or add text. If you are one of those who love details, the combinations are practically endless. If you want a face that stays focused on fitness tracking, easily add relevant widget shortcuts. If you want a stylish smartwatch to wear in the office, Pujie Black has options for you as well.

PhotoWear watch face

PhotoWear Watch Face uses your favorite images as your watch face. Choose an image or create a photo grid with up to nine shots. The app pulls your photo options from your camera roll or your most recent Instagram uploads. The app has some image editing features for photo customization including crop, contrast and brightness tools.

It also has a variety of image filters to play with, so you can give all your photos a specific look or customize one. PhotoWear Watch Face is free to download and use, and there is a paid pro version that unlocks more customization options.

A/D watch face

Some of us like aesthetically cute watch faces, while others prefer the simpler and simpler Wear OS watch faces. If you are one of the latter, A/D Watch Face is the app you should choose. It combines traditional analog and digital watch faces and gives your round or square Wear OS smartwatch a majestic look.

You can customize the number patterns to your liking or an event you are attending or adjust the second hand animations. The app is free, but the developers have included features that can be unlocked for a dollar or two. Nonetheless, it is one of the best Wear OS watch face apps you can arm your wearable with.

Open the watch face

Open Watch Face is designed for people who like to customize their watch and create their own face. It comes with a nice flat design and includes a number of widgets you can play around with that provide useful information. For example, you can add weather, calendar, battery percentage and more to your watch face.

You also get access to 16 pre-made watch faces that you can use without any additional customization. The app also comes with two different environment modes which are excellent. In addition to customizable features, many features are locked for in-app purchases. So, if you want to use all the features and customization options, you might have to pay for the premium features.

Google setting

You may know Google Fit as a health tracking app, but it also includes many features that you may not know. Google Fit offers custom tiles, clock faces, and other health tracking features for your Wear OS smartwatch. If you’re a fan of Apple Watch health rings, the Google Fit watch face is for you. You can install the Google Fit app on your watch and also get health updates on your Android Wear.

After installation, long press the watch face and swipe left or right to find the Google Fit watch face. Now just tap on it to make Google Fit your default watch face. The best part is that you can also add two widgets on the watch face by tapping the gear icon.

hardware style dial

Choose from over 600 total configurations with 3 styles and over 15 accent colors and 15 background colors. Change your look as many times as you want and have the right style on your watch for every occasion.

Get the information you care about right on your wrist with 3 slots for Android Wear 2.0 complications, which can hold information from every app on your watch.

Pujie Black Watch Dial

Pujie Black Watch Face is another designer app, but it does not necessarily work like Facer. Users can take any of the 20 pre-made layouts and bring them to life by choosing settings on fonts, colors, complications, and background to use.

The app sells for $1.99 and considering its functionality, we think the price is justified. For this price, you can design your own Wear OS face watches and share them with other users. There is nothing better and more rewarding than that.

Bubble Cloud Mosaic Launcher

Bubble Widget and Wear Launcher comes as a widget and launcher for Wear OS. Turns out it also has an interactive watch face. The layout features a variety of shortcuts to quickly open the apps you use most often. It also, of course, indicates the time.

It’s one of the most unique Wear OS watch faces available, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with all Wear OS watches. Check the device compatibility list on Google Play to make sure it works for you.

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