BitValley Ecosystem – BitValley app will soon be available on App Store and Play Store

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 30, 2022

Zurich, Switzerland–(Newsfile Corp. – April 30, 2022) – Summary: BitValley is a Product Ecosystem that develops new projects to stay trendy. Following the launch of BitDash, the company announced the planned launch of its NFT marketplace and the planned release of its BitValley App beta.

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BitValley is a crypto project developed by European individuals. In recent development, the company has already developed its first and second products: Bitdash and NFT Marketplace. BitDash has already been launched and the planned launch of NFT Marketplace will be announced soon. Their third project, BitValley Mobile App (which is their main product), is ongoing and it will have several features inside.

BitValley products:

  1. BitDash – Already Developed and Launched

BitValley Dashboard is an all-in-one dashboard for BitValley investors. They offer a tracking feature for their BitValley tokens, rewards and upcoming rewards. BitDash also has a news feed where investors can read the latest news about BitValley. The team plans to add more features such as statistics, graphs, etc. BitDash is therefore a product for BitValley users to keep them up to date with everything related to BitValley.

  1. NFT Marketplace – Already Developed – Will Launch Soon

The BitValley NFT Marketplace offers user-friendly design, speed, and low knockdown prices. The BitValley NFT Market will be launched with 4 categories of BitValley NFT Collections. Select categories will have NFT artwork for purchase, with perks added as the NFT roadmap progresses. Some other categories will have advantages from the start.

  1. BitValley App – Ongoing – Beta will be available soon

The BitValley app is their main product and will be their all-in-one crypto-related mobile app which will also have its web-based platform. BitValley will have multiple products in one mobile app. It offers crypto courses and subscription courses at no cost in the BitValley app.

Suppose a user is a developer with limited funds and cannot promote the idea. In this case, BitValley provides a section for upcoming releases for free, and this same feature will be useful for people looking for new upcoming projects. BitValley offers an algorithm for hiring problems based on a decentralized contract. There will be even more features in the app like Crypto News, Trending Projects, Lists, Secure Funds Storage and Exchange, Giveaways, Categorized Open Chat, etc.

BitValley Short Term Plans

The team will launch its NFT marketplace and announce major collaborations and partnerships. Also, they will be releasing a beta version of their BitValley app which will be tested by community members before launching it on AppStore and PlayStore.

BitValley is a small market cap forum that hasn’t spent money on marketing in months; they are now preparing their marketing campaign and will soon have something to promote. Potential investors can visit the official website: for more details. Visit Telegram: or Twitter: to connect with the community.

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Company name: BitValley
Contact person: David Muller
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City: Zurich
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