Butler University launches mental health app from LifeOmic and Preventia

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 5, 2022

Preventia, a leading virtual care lifestyle medicine marketplace, announced in late March that it was partnering with health software company LifeOmic to design a mental health platform for Butler University students. The two Indianapolis companies created a custom solution for Butler to provide his students with online therapy and other health services.

As a result of the pandemic, students report that they have experienced a worsening of their mental health issues. Therefore, colleges and businesses are working to meet the increased demand for mental health services among this demographic. For example, TimelyMD, College Telehealth, and Mantra Health all specialize in online therapy for college students.

However, the leaders of Preventia and LifeOmic believe their product is uniquely more holistic because it not only connects students to therapists, but also helps students track areas related to their overall health, including sleep, exercise , nutrition and mindfulness.

Butler plans to make this app free for its students.

“Student well-being is a top priority at Butler University, and we continue to invest in helping our students deal with the stresses and pressures that often come with college life,” said Frank E. Ross III, Vice President of Student Affairs at Butler. University, in a press release. “Adding a teletherapy service to the suite of on-campus counseling services and other resources already available to support student mental health underscores our commitment to student well-being.

LifeOmic used its software in conjunction with Preventia’s healthcare network of accredited providers; the resulting platform allows Butler students to connect with mental health coaches and therapists through a free app, Extend LIFE. Additionally, the app provides educational content in addition to connecting students with clinicians.

The application aims to provide several benefits to students. For example, it allows students to receive mental health support outside of the traditional 9-5 hours when appointments are usually available. Additionally, the campus counseling center can be overwhelmed and have wait times – the app connects students with external providers to circumvent this potential issue.

“It’s unique in that we approach this from a holistic perspective,” Brian Schroeder, CEO and founder of Preventia said in an email provided by a representative. “Butler’s BUBeWell team knows that mental health contributes significantly to a person’s overall health and well-being. The incredible wellness content and tracking capabilities enjoyed by students in the LIFE Extend app, combined with one-on-one support from Preventia’s mental health providers, provide a synergistic wellness solution in this university environment.

Photo: Wacharaphong, Getty Images

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