Chicago dad creates Jiobit child tracker after losing son for 30 minutes at Maggie Daley Park

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 10, 2022

A Chicago father has developed a new location tracking device after losing his son for about half an hour in the city’s crowded Maggie Daley Park.

Jiobit co-founder John Renaldi says his 6-year-old son Ethan suddenly disappeared.

“I’m sure a lot of parents have had this experience, where you’re on the go – in a park, Disney World – and you lose track of your little one for a minute and your heart kind of stops,” Renaldi said. .

After a frantic 30 minute search, Ethan came back safely and let the adults know he had the best time of his life as they all had heart attacks.

Renaldi turned his panic into action by co-founding Jiobit, which uses tracking technology from multiple sources to track children, pets or elderly parents up to just a few feet away.

“It works all over the country,” Renaldi said.

Jiobit costs around $100 (with monthly service fees) and can be purchased online from places like Amazon, Walmart, and Chewy.


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