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ByLance T. Lee

May 6, 2021

Screenshot of the free Vaccine Tracker channel on the Telegram mobile app that informs users of available vaccination slots

Nagpur: Three young people wrote software code to track available vaccine slots and send details to the Telegram mobile app. Launched on Monday, the service is currently only available for Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune, with plans to expand soon.
Suchdeep Singh Juneja, Likhit Agrawal and Alisha Nathani are the co-founders of this free service, which aims to save end users time. Juneja said: “Currently, those who want to get vaccinated continue to search for slots available on the Co-Win site or app. So you may have to sit in front of your screen for hours at the end and constantly refresh the window while looking for a clinic. It is this tedious process that these three electronics engineers have found a way to bypass.
Nathani said she used the application programming interface (API) released by the central government as a tool to communicate with the server, where vaccine information is available. “So now, instead of a human being constantly sitting at a computer and searching for vaccine locations, we have the software code that does the same for us. And he does it constantly 24/7, ”Nathani said.
Agrawal said, “Our code communicates with the server and gets information about the available locations. It then puts this data in a readable text format and publishes it in our Telegram application channel called “Nagpur Vaccine Tracker”. Likewise, people can access Mumbai and Pune vaccine tracking channels and subscribe to get real-time updates. ”
The flashing message on the Telegram channel informs about the name of the center, the PIN code, the date of availability, the name of the vaccine, the age group of eligibility and whether it is free or paid.
Juneja said: “The end user then just needs to enter the PIN code on the Co-Win site and choose the specific center, as we have already provided the name. So this is clearly a much faster process for everyone.
Although the trio want to expand their service, there are technical issues. Agrawal said, “Currently we are running everything from our personal laptop. To grow, we need a bigger server, more power to run 24/7. And it’s a free service, so if someone is willing to collaborate and participate, we can expand to other cities as well. ”


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