CompassCom Fleet Tracking Software Finds Adoption in Trucking Industry

ByLance T. Lee

May 16, 2022

CompassCom’s fleet tracking software solutions help truck fleets operate with greater efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, May 16, 2022 / — The commercial trucking industry is synonymous with transporting goods across the country, operating on major highways. CompassCom provides smarter fleet tracking software that offers benefits beyond fleet monitoring and vehicle speed control. It offers a better data-driven approach that helps increase the operational efficiency of fleets using the highway and enhances overall safety on busy roads.

Often interpreted as the digitization of commercial fleets, using vehicle tracking software isn’t just about making things more digital or AI-enabled, nor is it just a 24/7 monitoring tool. The least discussed part of using a fleet management app is the business intelligence it creates. Just as big data applications help streamline internal workflows in an IT business, helping managers extract more productivity, effective fleet tracking and management software can make commercial fleets more agile through information based on the data.

CompassCom fleet tracking and management software is easy to integrate with GIS and asset management. Requiring no complicated onboarding or onboarding processes, it provides actionable data to decision makers i.e. fleet managers and owners. For truckers, this reduces negligible reliance on physically keeping delivery checklists or proofs of delivery. Drivers can focus more on safer driving practices, reducing the likelihood of accidents. Not just vehicle tracking, this software offers real insight into the smallest events that can pose a potential threat. This includes too many unscheduled stops followed by deviation from the standard route and high risk turns/diversions to make up for lost time.

Beyond the prospect of accurately tracking and reporting speeding violations, analyzing data from CompassCom Products and software can track driving behaviors that can negatively affect vehicle longevity, leading to additional costs in the form of accelerated wear and tear on the truck. When heavy trucks are better maintained, they are also more likely to consume less fuel, which gives fleet owners a clear financial advantage.

A fleet of trucks managed with the help of CompassCom has a higher likelihood of improving vehicle health and performance, as the software helps educate and remind the driver of best driving practices. It also establishes timely inspections and maintenance schedules. This helps prevent costly repairs in the future and controls the extreme depreciation associated with poorly maintained vehicles.

Maintaining high compliance with road and highway safety regulations is difficult with the sheer volume of commercial fleets that operate on highly managed and less organized routes across the country. Basic safety rules suggest that commercial drivers should follow the recommended schedule for driving hours. CompassCom software applications provide an easy way to do this by automating a driver’s schedule. It can calculate driving time for the day or week, ensuring that tired drivers are kept away from busy highways. The software helps maintain and update a driver’s log, ensuring hours of service never exceed the recommended limit. Other automation-enabled features include setting alerts or messages to remind drivers when they exceed targeted driving hours.

For transport and logistics industries and government road safety agencies, this offers a simple way to ensure that only compliant and more alert drivers complete their shifts, reducing unintended accidents caused by exhausted drivers.

CompassCom fleet management software can be used to send timely prompts when the latest weather reports begin to indicate adverse weather conditions. Providing turn-by-turn guidance, the GPS tracking system can help a driver navigate around an incoming hailstorm or avoid routes that have been rendered non-functional due to landslides.

About Compass Com

Operational since 1994, CompassCom provides fleet owners with real-time data that helps ensure safety, regulatory compliance and better performance. The business creates more information and control across the enterprise, creating a connected workforce that operates more efficiently. CompassCom telematics solutions are useful for state and national governments, public safety authorities, defense, public works departments, DOTs, utilities, energy and other organizations that require telematics solutions. tracking assets that can be tailored to specific needs, helping them achieve specific goals such as improved safety or more durability. CompassCom offers a range of products for different applications, such as CompassWorks, CompassTrac Enterprise, CompassRespond and CompassCom for Developers. The company caters to different industries, such as public works, public safety, roads and highways, security and defense and the energy sector.

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