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Coronavirus cases across the world have now reached 786,221, with more being reported every day. The death toll stands at 37,839, the majority of whom died in Italy, with the death toll there reaching 11,591.

The country with the highest number of infections is the United States, with 164,298 cases at the time of writing.

In the UK, cases have reached 22,141, and now three temporary hospitals are being built in London, Manchester and Birmingham to cope with the demand.

Scientists have warned cases could get worse before they get better, with much of the world in lockdown in a bid to stop the spread.

With figures and information released every day on the spread of the coronavirus – official name COVID-19 – it can be difficult to keep up.

Data from the app is made available to policy makers, NHS services and academic researchers every day on a strictly non-commercial basis.

In addition to helping scientists understand the symptoms of the coronavirus, the app helps identify how fast the virus is spreading and if there are geographic hotspots.

The data also helps detail who is most at risk of becoming seriously ill.

So far nearly two million people have downloaded the COVIDradar app in the UK, and soon the app will be available in the US.

To download COVIDradar, go to go or and follow the links to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

As COVID-19 is a new virus, or new virus, scientists are scrambling to figure out how to best treat it, developing a vaccine and a cure.

Clinical trials are underway in several countries as scientists test the best way to treat COVID-19.

So far, there is no cure for the coronavirus, only symptom management.

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