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Cough is a natural bodily response to an endless variety of stimuli. From allergies and air pollutants to chest colds and pneumonia, there are so many different conditions that could be linked to a cough. And with the COVID-19 pandemic opening our eyes to the importance of tracking and taking care of our health, it can be even more worrying when the slightest cough breaks out.

Before a global pandemic, I never would have thought a cough tracker app would be needed, but here we are in 2020 and here we are. We have a calorie tracker, a fitness tracker and an overall activity tracker, so why not a cough tracker that helps us identify what type of cough we might be having?

The Hyfe app was designed by a team of scientists and scholars from around the world. It works much the same as a calorie tracker or fitness tracker by tracking information over time to show a pattern. But what really sets it apart from those apps is that Hyfe uses AI to track your cough frequency and helps you identify prominent cough patterns.

The app was specifically designed to react to the sound of your cough, record it, and track any follow-up coughs. It’s like getting a baseline on your cough and then using that to track its “movement” over time. This pattern can then help identify what condition the cough may be originating from.

The cough recording lasts no longer than half a second, just long enough to isolate the cough from any neighbor such as a barking dog or a dragging chair. By tracking and comparing, you or a treating healthcare professional can see if the cough is getting better or worse. It’s also a great tool for checking in on a loved one or someone you care for.

As with any calorie tracker, fitness tracker, or activity tracker of any kind, you are in complete control of your information. You choose what you want to share and with whom. And unlike a number of other apps that will remain unnamed, your personal information won’t end up in a third-party database due to a partnership between the tracking app and another company. To put it simply, your information is not sold to anyone.

The team behind Hyfe are currently working to identify the different types of cough that exist so that we can easily determine if it is a pneumonia cough, a cold, COVID-19, etc.

You can download the Hyfe app for free on your iPhone from the App Store or on your Android phone by visiting Google Play.

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