Could warehouse software help weather rising rental prices?

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 7, 2022


As global logistics sectors grapple with rising fuel costs and rising warehouse rents, nowhere is the warehousing market hotter than in Canada, where the rate of National vacancy for warehouses is at an all-time high. 1.6%according to commercial real estate services and investment firm CBRE Group Inc.

The hardest hit are small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) logistics operators, who are feeling the impact of rising operational costs as they prepare for the peak season.

“A critical environmental factor we’re seeing not just here in Vancouver, but across North America as a whole, is rising operating costs, such as fuel and warehouse rental prices,” said said Shaun Hagen, CardboardCloud COO and responsible for North America.

“As the costs of warehousing space increase, we are seeing a growing demand for third-party logistics warehousing services sought by companies who wish to outsource their logistics to avoid the hassle and expense associated with managing their own storage, handling and distribution,” Hagen said.

“These costs are often beyond the control of logistics companies,” Hagen explained, noting that there are other facets that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can definitely improve, such as the technology used to run their businesses.

This is where Australia-based CartonCloud comes in.

The software provider has moved to the epicenter of the warehousing crisis, Vancouver, providing its popular cloud-based software to North American SMBs in the industry to overcome rising operational costs by streamlining their workflows workflow, eliminating manual data entry and automating processes.

“Here in Vancouver, we’re taking the pulse of rising rental prices in the industry. We work directly with logistics companies to understand exactly what they are struggling with and are able to help provide advice on how they can overcome some of these obstacles to grow their business,” said Hagen.

“Our software is designed by logisticians; our team has experience in the operations and management of logistics companies; and we work closely with our customers and industry members to ensure that the features and functions of our products are customized to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses.

“By providing 3PLs with software that is easy to use and implement, we can help them diversify revenue streams and maximize the storage space, resources, or market share they already have,” said Hagen said.

This was the case for the port logistics provider TNS Logistics. When it first entered the e-commerce space, TNS knew that its unique warehouse setup and paper-based processes were not going to be able to scale to meet the needs of new customers or enable its own expansion. attract more customers.

TNS therefore turned to CartonCloud to streamline their warehouse management processes, diversify revenue, track inventory and capture digital orders seamlessly from anywhere in the world through software integrations.

Since partnering with CartonCloud, TNS has expanded its operations to what is now a 5,500 pallet warehouse with global customers. For Chief Commercial Officer Matthew Norton, choosing cloud-based software built and designed for SMBs like TNS was a no-brainer.

“One of the things I really liked about CartonCloud was that the team came from a warehouse background. They had seen the day-to-day operational challenges and created a product that was actually capable to help us,” Norton said.

Hagen added, “Our software was originally created for this very reason: to simplify complex logistics operations, reduce overhead and turn losses into profits. When you have the right systems in place, you can truly transform your operations, and our software enables logistics companies to do just that, with control and flexibility.

He continued: “As we know, the industry is highly dependent on the survival of small and medium-sized businesses, which is why it is essential that these businesses can have access to software designed for them, to help them optimize their operations, save time and money and grow.

CartonCloud CEO Vincent Fletcher said the company’s recent expansion from Australia to North America has generated tremendous interest and inquiries from the region, looking for Affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based logistics with the features they needed.

Fletcher said he is excited to help North American SMBs scale their operations and overcome day-to-day industry frustrations, as they have already done with more than 400 logistics SMBs.

“We work closely with our customers and with other members of the industry,” Fletcher said. “That’s what sets us apart. We are also logisticians and we provide software adapted specifically to their needs, even if digital trends are changing.

“Entering the huge North American logistics industry and build a team this opens up tremendous opportunities for CartonCloud to secure new customers, establish new industry partnerships and continue to improve our product for all of our global customers.

Canada in particular was an optimal market for expansion, according to Fletcher, noting the plurality of small businesses that make up the country’s logistics industry and the day-to-day issues affecting small businesses, such as the current price hike. rent.

“We found that many third-party logistics providers in Canada were looking for software that was intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful enough to manage their operations and able to help them overcome some of the barriers small operators face today,” did he declare. added.

CartonCloud’s cloud-based warehouse management system, tailor-made for small businesses to improve their operations and reduce general overhead costs, does more than just combat rental prices and other operational costs.

“We went there too,” he said. “We worked in operations and saw how impactful certain features and functions can be. It can completely change the business and turn it from loss to profit.

Hagen said the benefits of a cloud-based system for small businesses are not just in functionality and usability, but also in the fact that the software is continually updated and improved, with new features being developed. and published as part of their subscriptions.

“It’s not just a system to manage your operations internally, you can also seamlessly connect to online ordering platforms like Shopify, your accounting software with automated invoicing, and many other essential programs so you can literally manage all of your operations from one place,” he said.

For small businesses with limited resources, staff, and time, this can be revolutionary.

“We help companies grow and also offer new services to their customers. This can be warehousing, 3PL pick and pack or transshipment services — the services they may not have traditionally offered — with confidence,” Hagen said.

A popular feature in the North American industry has been CartonCloud’s cross-docking functionality, which Hagen says allows vendors to increase the amount of revenue they generate from their real estate footprint – a major win. for businesses struggling with rental price increases.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in this feature as it simplifies what can be a very complex operation, giving the team precision and better oversight of incoming and outgoing inventory. This is a huge win for operators who want to offer this service,” he said.

“We have developed a combined WMS and TMS. This allows our users to use the module that is right for their business while being fully integrated for operations that do both warehousing and transportation,” said Hagen when explaining why the CartonCloud product is so well suited to cross -docking.

“Our solution is designed with the flexibility our customers need to adapt to the fast-paced cross-docking environment and meet many different customer profiles. We have seen our software being used in a range of operations large and small, delivering solutions that enable our customers to offer a differentiated cross-docking service from their competitors and win more business as a result.

“As a company, we have decided to do well what we do. We’ve designed our software to be accessible and revolutionary for small businesses, and that’s reflected in our features, our paid subscriptions, and the support and guidance we provide to our customers,” Hagen said of the CartonCloud integration process.

“Our process to attract new customers starts with a conversation with them, where we can get a better picture of their business and operations, what they want to achieve and what their current pain points are.

“We are really direct. If we think we’re not the right fit for them, we’ll let them know. Likewise, when the fit is right, we know our solution will help them transform their business, and we support them every step of the way to ensure they’re up and running. »

CartonCloud offers a free software demo 3PL companies wishing to see the software in action. Fletcher said one of the main differences that sets CartonCloud apart is its dedication to customer success.

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