Crow Wing County Land Use Permit Application Software Launched – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 30, 2022

BRAINERD – The Crow Wing County Land Services Department announces that beginning Wednesday, September 28, a new and improved permit application and approval system is online as a convenient way to apply for use-related permits. lands.

Once activated, accessing the online permit system is as simple as following this link:


All you need is an email address to log into the system. The permit system will also allow customers to pay the required fees by check or credit card.

Crow Wing County will still accept permit applications by visiting the Land Services Department in person, but encourages the public to use the online permit system. Much like the current online system, customers will be notified via email as the permit progresses through the approval process so that the customer knows where the permit is during the approval process.

Crow Wing County has offered an online option for permit applications since the spring of 2013. This new permitting software being implemented is a Microsoft product called Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is a technology that will enable Crow Wing County to manage its customer relationships and interactions, stay better connected to customers, streamline processes, and better track interactions and data points.

Ultimately, the software will deliver a better customer service experience while providing enhanced tools to allow the county to make faster, more informed decisions about their processes and interactions with customers.

“The authorization software was designed with the customer in mind,” Crow Wing County IT Manager Jason Walkowiak said in a press release. “The permit system is user-friendly and will provide a convenient and easy way to apply for permits.”

Crow Wing County requires permits for new construction, additions to existing structures, and septic systems. Permits are required for most landscaping activities around the lakes.

As of 2020, Crow Wing County averages approximately 1,000 permits approved each year. Site-specific performance standards to protect county lakes and streams are reviewed and approved before a building permit is issued. Properties that exceed 15% impervious surface coverage (hard surfaces such as driveways or roofs) are required to submit a stormwater management plan that prevents water from a one-inch rain event from entering. discharge directly into a lake or stream.

“We recognize that many of our customers are from the Twin Cities metropolitan area and that it is not always convenient to come to Brainerd to apply for a permit,” Environmental Services Supervisor Jake Frie said in the statement. Press. “This new software will make it easier for people to obtain the appropriate permits. It is a continuation of our commitment to allow permit applications to be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Currently, the permit system will be used for all permit applications related to residential and commercial land use. Future expansions include adding land subdivisions/divisions, wetland applications, e911 sign applications, public hearing applications and other land services areas. The county plans to expand the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to community services, the highways department and other areas of Crow Wing County.

Citizens are encouraged to contact the Office of Land Services at 218-824-1010 or [email protected] to discuss the new online permit application system or other land use related activities.

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