CWT and Tracker Software Technologies enter into new partnership

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 30, 2021

Corporate travel management platform, CWT, has signed a global referral agreement with Tracker Software Technologies (TST), a specialist in corporate traveler compliance management.

This agreement will allow CWT to provide a data feed of travel reservations for joint customers to the TST platform upon customer request. This will automatically assess individual travel data and proactively alert designated stakeholders, travel managers and their travellers, to specific pre-trip tax and immigration compliance requirements.

Border controls have tightened around the world lately, and new tax rules and work visa requirements are in place, which vary widely from country to country. The partners say the new link can reduce the risk of fines and penalties for employers and their travelers who do not have the correct immigration and tax information.

Patrick Andersen, President and Chief Commercial Officer of CWT, said, “Our customers need streamlined processes, real-time visibility into where their travelers are, how long they’re away, what kind of work they’re doing. they perform and , to be alerted to any required tax and immigration compliance action. Not just in the EU, UK or USA, but worldwide. »

Liam Brennan, CEO of TST, said, “Our team’s goal is to complement CWT’s services by providing their clients with compliant, positive and transparent immigration, tax and posted worker data, enabling peace of mind for both their travelers and their managers.

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