Cybeats partners with Veracode to help customers manage SBOMs and software vulnerabilities

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 29, 2022

The partnership between Cybeats Technologies and Veracode will leverage complementary expertise to ensure customers receive the highest level of cybersecurity solutions. Cybeats’ software supply chain security product, SBOM Studio, will be available to customers through Veracode Partners, and the companies will explore joint business opportunities.

Once generated within the Veracode Continuous Software Security Platform, a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) can enable greater software security by providing a comprehensive inventory of third-party components used in an application. Cybeats SBOM Studio is a solution that helps companies understand and track third-party components that are an integral part of their own software.

Veracode will provide advice and guidance on the commercial deployment of SBOM Studio within its existing customer base. The partnership aims to allow both companies to continue to expand their existing presence in the global cybersecurity market. Through this alliance, joint enterprise customers will be able to maximize their technology investments and procure, develop and deploy secure software, while reducing the risk of security breaches resulting from weak links in their software supply chain.

“As a Veracode Elite Technology Alliance Partner, Cybeats brings additional expert solutions to the frictionless development experience already offered by our Continuous Software Security Platform,” said Laurie Haley, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Veracode. “Complementing our existing software composition analysis capability, Cybeats’ integrated solutions will allow customers to maximize SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) utility and simplify their workflow for greater ROI.”

“We are honored to partner with Veracode to expand everyone’s presence in the global cybersecurity market. As cyber risk from software supply chain attacks continues to rise, deep visibility and universal transparency using SBOMS is necessary for a resilient cybersecurity defense,” said Yoav RaiterCEO, Cybeats.

“In this modern era of rapid development, the importance of time to market and automation is paramount. Together, Veracode and Cybeats offer a substantial contribution enabling our customers to align with the needs of the SBOM market and seamlessly support the practices mentioned in the NIST 800-218 SSDF framework without increasing their teams overhead. product development and safety,” said Dmitry RaidmanCTO, Cybeats

With a single, centralized platform providing complete visibility into vulnerabilities using all types of software security testing, Veracode provides one of the cloud-native solutions that enables partners to quickly onboard and seamlessly, so businesses can safely move AppSec to the cloud.

Thanks to this partnership, Veracode can integrate all Cybeats software solutions into its customers’ environments. The Partner Program provides solutions and services that allow partners to get up and running immediately, with minimal impact to their existing business.

Cybeats Studio SBOM

SBOM Studio provides organizations with the ability to effectively manage SBOMs and software vulnerabilities, and provide proactive risk mitigation for their software supply chain.

Key product features include robust software supply chain intelligence, universal SBOM document management and repository, continuous vulnerability, threat intelligence, accurate risk management, license breach and usage of open source software and a secure SBOM exchange with regulatory authorities, customers and suppliers, at a reduced cost. .

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