DAT launches app for extended load board access – Fleet Management

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 9, 2022

Designed to help truckers find loads and other services, the DAT One app is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Image: DAT Freight and analyzes

DAT Freight & Analytics has announced its new DAT One app. Designed to help truckers find profitable loads and manage their business on the road, the new app includes all the features of DAT’s Load Board for Truckers, with more additional tools.

The DAT One app gives carriers access to DAT’s Load Board, where around 1.4 million loads are displayed daily. It features the load search capabilities of DAT’s Load Board for Truckers mobile app, but on a unified platform with integrated load tracking, enhanced search filtering, access to pricing data, interactive mapping tools for cost-effective trip planning and the ability to post trucks with rates for more targeted broker requests.

The DAT One app was designed to give carriers the information they need and meet the needs of small trucking businesses to:

  • Find the best loads first, no matter where they are.
  • Find truck stops, gas stations and rest areas.
  • Save on fuel costs with the fuel highlight feature.
  • View their truck with rates and understand market data to gain negotiating power and have more productive phone calls with brokers.
  • View credit scores and company reviews for brokers.
  • Get paid within 24 hours with factoring options.

“With the DAT One app, I’m free to leave the truck and decide to pick up a load from a broker without ever needing to use my laptop,” said owner-operator Chad Boblett of Boblett Brothers. LLC, founder of Rate Per Mile Masters. group on Facebook, in a press release. “Most of my loads come from brokers calling me, and the DAT One app has allowed me to efficiently research the load and broker as the calls come in. Additionally, I have to having the DAT directory, charting tools and lane pricing information to trade with brokers. The new DAT One app now does all of this quickly and easily.”

“Drivers told us they constantly switch between fifteen mobile apps to do everything they need to do on the road,” added Claude Pumilia, President and CEO of DAT. . “We’re solving app fatigue for carriers by giving them a unified app to do everything they do, whether it’s finding and booking a load, getting the best deal on fuel, or find the services they need along the way.”

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