Database now tracks embedded device manufacturers, 475 installs

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 23, 2022

Database now tracks embedded device manufacturers, 475 installs

SEMI and TechSearch International have announced a new edition of the Global Assembly and Test Facilities Database offering significantly expanded coverage that now includes Embedded Device Manufacturer (IDM) facilities. The database – the only commercially available Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) supplier database – is an essential business tool for any organization requiring the latest updates on facilities that provide packaging and testing services to the semiconductor industry.

Formerly known as the OSAT Global Manufacturing Site Database, the comprehensive database now includes over 100 updates covering packaging technology, product specialization and ownership/shareholder. With more than 100 new test installations added to bring the total number of installations tracked to 475, the database helps semiconductor manufacturers identify service offerings worldwide, an increasingly important task. in supply chain management.

“In today’s climate of supply chain disruptions, it’s more important than ever to have a good understanding of assembly and test sites,” said Jan Vardaman, president of TechSearch International. “The updated database of assembly and test facilities around the world is a valuable tool for tracking the packaging and assembly ecosystem.”

“Packaging, assembly and testing are becoming increasingly critical to advancing Moore’s Law through advanced technologies as well as reducing form factor and power consumption as the semi -drivers continues to increase chip performance,” said Sanjay Malhotra, vice president of corporate marketing at SEMI. “The database of global assembly and test facilities shows an increased focus on advanced packaging and new test capabilities to support innovations in computing, communications and other key end markets. “

Combining semiconductor industry expertise from SEMI and TechSearch International, the updated Global Assembly and Test Facilities Database also lists the revenues of the world’s top 20 OSAT companies and captures changes in technology capabilities and service offerings.

The Global Assembly and Test Facilities Database offers information on facilities in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas. The report highlights new and emerging packaging offerings by manufacturing sites and companies. Specific details tracked include

  • Factory site location, technology and capacity: packaging, testing and other product specializations, such as sensors, automotive and electrical appliances are highlighted
  • Package Assembly Service Offered: Ball Grid Array (BGA), specific lead grid types such as Quad Flat Package (QFP), Quad Flat Package Without Leads (QFN), Small Outline (SO), flip-chip shocks, wafer-level packages (WLP), Modules/System-in-Package (SIP) and sensors
  • New manufacturing sites announced, planned or under construction

Tracking advancements in packaging technology – which directly affects chip performance, reliability and cost – requires understanding the company’s offerings by location. Key features of the updated report include:

  • Over 200 companies and over 475 back-end installations (IDM and OSAT)
  • Over 325 installations with testing capabilities
  • 100+ installations offering a Chip Scale Package (CSP)
  • More than 80 knocking facilities, including more than 50 with 300mm wafer knocking capacity
  • More than 90 installations offering wafer-level CSP (WLCSP) technology
  • New facilities offering wafer level packaging (FOWLP) and panel level packaging (FOPLP)
  • Over 110 OSAT installations in China, over 100 in Taiwan and over 45 in the Americas
  • Over 50 IDM assembly and test facilities in Southeast Asia, around 25 in China and around 20 in the Americas

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