Detailed Guide on How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV

ByLance T. Lee

Jun 1, 2022

Pre-installed apps on Samsung TV may not satisfy you if you are looking for apps with unique features. However, it may be difficult for users to add apps to Samsung TV if they are not used to using it. To solve this problem by answering “how to download an app on a smart TV?”, we include some steps that users can follow. Stick with us till the end of this blog to find out all about it.

Things to remember before you start installing apps on Samsung smart TVs-

  • Make sure your smart TV is connected to the internet
  • Register your Samsung Smart TV
  • Keep enough empty space on your smart TV storage to accommodate new apps

Step 1 – Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote

Samsung TV how to download apps

The first step to install apps on Samsung Smart TV is to connect your remote to the TV. Then, if you have already connected your TV to the internet and registered it, you can download apps to Samsung Smart TV. Samsung TV download apps can be made for famous titles like Netflix, HBO Max, RedBull TV, Vimeo, etc.

Step 2 – Select the icon with apps written on it

how to install apps on samsung smart tv

There will be several app icons and other options like Settings, Search, etc., on the next screen. From there, look for the button with APPS written on it and select it to open the catalog of apps you can install. Scroll down and use the arrow keys to reach the application you prefer. You can explore best streaming apps, communication apps and other categories.

Step 3 – Find or select the app category

add apps to samsung tv

To ensure that any app displayed on your screen is downloaded, you will first need to move the cursor using the directional keys and highlight the app you wish to choose. To continue with these apps from the best mobile app development companies, select the app of your choice. You can also use the search bar to type the app name or the first letters to get the app in the suggestions.

Step 4 – Find and select the app you want to install

installing apps on samsung smart tv

To find and choose before installing apps on Samsung Smart TV, you can scroll until you find the app, or you can type in the search box. The search box allows you to find apps through the first letters of the app title, or you can also search categories. Searching the app if you are sure of the name saves you a lot of time because the catalog has too many options to choose from, but it may also depend on the app category you entered.

Step 5- Click on the app to learn more

how to download an app on a smart tv

Before downloading apps on Samsung Smart TV, if you want to know more about them, you can just click on the app and open a detailed information panel. This panel will provide you information about app features, average ratings shared by previous users, app size, screenshots, date of last update, information about last version and supported languages, among others.

Step 6 – Tap Download or Add to Home button to install your favorite app

samsung tv download apps

After reviewing the information, you can download the app from the same information panel where you read all about the app. This download button will only work if your TV is registered. So, just download the app and enjoy its features. In some versions of Samsung Smart TV, you can also find the Add to Home button. So you need to click on it to install the app on your TV and the app will be automatically added to the home screen.


Well, following these steps might have made you realize that the answer to the question “how to download apps on smart TVs?” is quite simple. However, we hope this blog has cleared up any confusion about the process you had for the app installation process on Samsung smart TVs.

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