Do not download Powershell Windows Toolbox, it’s a virus!

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 19, 2022

You have to be careful what you download from the internet, no matter how attractive it may seem. We all know the frustration of being confined to the Amazon App Library on Windows 11, and there’s a tool called Powershell Windows Toolbox that brings Google Play Services to Windows computers. However, that’s not all it brings to the platform. According to Phone Arenathis tool also brings malware.

What is Windows Powershell Toolkit

So, we know that Microsoft has struck a deal to bring Amazon Games to Windows 11, and that’s fine for most people. There are, naturally, people who want to use Google Play Services. Being able to natively use Gmail or YouTube on Windows sounds awesome. Alas, it’s not meant to be.

There is a program that tries to allow people to access these services on their computers despite this. This program is called Powershell Windows Toolbox. It actually allows users to get and use the Google Play Store on their Windows computer. This program not only spits in the cereals of Google but also in those of Microsoft. It allows you to activate Microsoft Office.

There are other tasks this program does like speeding up your operating system and getting rid of bloating. So yes, this program seems like an absolute win.

But, there is a catch

Powershell Windows Toolbox is a wolf in sheep’s clothing (or a virus in useful program’s guise). After a deep dive by the people of beeping computer, this program has actually infected your computer with malware. When you get the program, a Trojan tracker hops onto your computer and gets to work contacting Cloudflare servers.

These servers will do several things. They will route the infected files to your computer or even execute commands on your computer which is really scary. This virus will also redirect you to scam sites.

Yes, it is frustrating that Google Play Services is not on Windows, but hackers and other malicious actors use this frustration to sell you fake virus-filled tools. The best thing to do is wait for the official product to arrive or go without. It’s much safer. If you’ve used the toolkit, there’s a guide in the Bleeping Computer link above. You should follow it, because your computer might have been infected.

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