Download Huawei Browser Update

ByLance T. Lee

Jul 7, 2022


Huawei has started releasing a new update to the Wallet app via the AppGallery for devices, which comes bundled with a build version. This latest version brings significant improvements and relevant security fixes.

The new version of the Huawei Wallet app enriches the overall performance to give you a better experience. Meanwhile, Huawei Wallet is your ticket to an easier life, everything you need to add your bank cards, transit cards and more to operate your digital wallet effortlessly.

Meanwhile, the Chinese tech giant does not mention the changelog, although the update does not add any notable new changes and features, it aims to improve your usability to bring you smooth operation.

The most important feature of Huawei Wallet is that you can add or remove cards for in-app purchases to Huawei app and view your purchase history in Huawei mobile services.

As mentioned in the update source, the the Huawei wallet version has a high installation weight of about 107.42 MB. In the meantime, adopting this update is important for security reasons.

You can install it through the AppGallery or directly using the third-party app link mentioned below:

Huawei wallet app:

The wallet includes loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons, access cards and bank cards, making it easy to access your smart life through the Huawei phone. Some models come with a pre-installed wallet. And if it’s not pre-installed, you can get it through AppGallery. Notably, its functionality depends on your Huawei model. Meanwhile, different models and some unique features.

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