EagleView becomes the first software provider to scale

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 26, 2022


BELLEVUE, Wash., April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EagleView has launched its new TrueDesign™ solar design solution, which leverages the company’s highly accurate aerial imagery and precise data to accelerate the sales timeline to installation for residential solar businesses. With over twenty years of experience transforming customer workflows in the construction, insurance, government and utility industries, EagleView has now made it possible to deliver ready-to-install designs at the construction stage. procurement with TrueDesign™.

Without precise and accurate design tools, many solar installers are forced to create two different designs as part of their standard workflow, creating operational inefficiencies that drive up soft costs. Solar soft costs, including customer acquisition and installation labor, still account for more than half of total solar project costs, according to NREL. TrueDesign™ enables precise and easy panel placement designs that are automatically optimized for maximum energy production without the need for an external site visit. The solar design solution also provides remote exterior measurements and shading analysis for each sales appointment that is more accurate than publicly available LIDAR data or satellite-derived 3D models and is more accurate than manual methods for roof sizing and shading analysis.

“TrueDesign revolutionizes the workflow of solar contractors, enabling more automated and virtual operations through a design tool accessible to nearly any skill level,” said Pete Cleveland, vice president of Solar Business for EagleView. “Our high-quality data underpins a new era of smooth and efficient sales, design and installation for the solar industry, which ultimately translates into happier customers who become ambassadors for solar energy in their communities.”

EagleView’s existing portfolio of high-resolution ortho and oblique imagery, derived from the company’s unique image capture and processing systems, is four times more detailed than standard aerial imagery and seventy times more detailed than standard satellite imagery. A recent technical study by DNV GL also found that the average difference in annual solar access values ​​between EagleView data and on-site measurements using a handheld shade measurement tool was between minus one percent and zero percent.

To learn how solar installation professionals can use TrueDesign™ to manage overhead and improve workflow, visit www.EagleView.com/solar.

About EagleView

EagleView is a leading provider of aerial imagery, property information and software that is transforming the way people work. EagleView holds over 300 patents and has an extensive library of geospatial data and imagery covering 94% of the US population. EagleView delivers highly accurate data, enabling customers in the solar, government, construction, and insurance industries to make timely, informed, and better decisions. EagleView’s accessible software and data platforms minimize solar ancillary costs by enabling residential solar businesses to close more sales, install in less time, improve cash flow, reduce external sites and improve the customer experience. For more information, call (866) 659-8439, visit www.EagleView.com/solar and follow @EagleViewTech.

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