Eelink introduces the smartest in-transit real-time monitoring device

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 29, 2022


With a myriad of features ranging from location tracking to end-to-end security, Eelink’s GPT29 is the smartest monitoring device preferred by supply chain experts.

Shenzhen, Guangdong- Companies involved in the supply chain industry are constantly looking for the best cargo monitoring solutions that improve efficiency and minimize costs. Eelink offers GPT29 – the best application of GPS in transportation system. The advanced tracking device uses a combination of sensors including GPS, WiFi, BLE, and more. to transmit the most accurate data needed.

Application of GPS in the transport system

One of the strengths of GPT29 is that it can be customized to meet specific shipping requirements. A company spokesperson said, “Recognizing that not all shipping needs are the same, the GPT29 also offers the ability to be personalized, giving business owners the ability to create personal alerts, especially when it comes to country-to-country compliance rules and regulations. and state to state. Ideal for shipments of all types, the GPT29 is the best way to maintain supply chain integrity in today’s complex world.

Eelink tracking devices are equipped with location temperature sensor for transportation. It allows precise location tracking to ensure proper delivery of goods. The GPT29 also helps minimize damage to goods with condition monitoring technology. Companies say they were able to save time and money with this feature. Other aspects such as business management and data-driven insights significantly improve operational efficiency and business productivity.

Eelink – the maker of GPT29 – is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of battery-powered GPS and IoT cargo tracking devices. With a specialty in supply chain, cold chain, logistics, fleet connected devices, Eelink provides the most ideal tracking solutions for multiple businesses.

The GPT29 is easily compatible with multiple communication devices, helping teams stay connected throughout the process. The tracker is also integrated with end-to-end security capabilities to ensure assets remain protected while in transit. Product transport condition sensors ensure that goods remain in perfect condition during delivery. The tracker is powered by a 4200mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

“Eelink engineers can design an IoT or GPS device to meet your specifications, or we offer dozens of off-the-shelf solutions that are compatible and useful in hundreds of applications. Our IoT manufacturing offers you the latest technological developments.Whether for industrial or consumer use, every Eelink device comes with the guarantee that it will work the first time and every time to its specifications,” the spokesperson said.

About the company:

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