Equipment review: Yamaha Chord Tracker app

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 10, 2021

I’m more and more amazed at what you can do with music apps. A few years ago I was on a long, boring flight to Europe and the movies were either horrible or I had seen them before. So I pulled out my iPad and started messing around. Soon I had composed
a brand new song before landing, which amazed the Frenchman sitting next to me. We recorded it immediately after landing and to this day it’s one of my favorite compositions.

Now Yamaha has created an extremely handy new FREE app called Chord Tracker for Android, iPhone iPod touch and iPad, which instantly discovers chords for you in audio tracks and should be very useful for any musician working out of time.

The powerful app helps you practice and perform songs by extracting the chord sequence from an audio song track stored on your device. Simply download the free Chord Tracker app from the App Store and install it. After launching it, you can import music from your library and the Chord Tracker analyzes the chords and chord progression of each song.

There are additional functions useful during audio playback, such as transposing or changing the pitch of the song and even adjusting the tempo. With the melody delete function, you can reduce the volume of the main line or the voice to create
a backing track using the UDWLO1 Wi-Fi adapter. With your Yamaha or Clavinova keyboard, you can even play music in the Chord Tracker app through the instrument’s speaker system via your wireless network.

But that’s not all: you can transfer the chord progression to your instrument and play it using the style of your choice. Now you can concentrate on perfecting the melody line with your right hand, and then learn the chords afterwards. If there’s a deal you don’t know, that’s okay. The Chord Tracker can display notes and all
keys you need to play on the keyboard. In addition, the Chord Tracker offers a recording function to save to your favorites folder.

It’s an amazing tool for those who have always wanted to know these Steely Dan chords.
The most amazing aspect of this app is that if you have a Yamaha keyboard compatible with their Bluetooth device, you can save your own chord progression in Chord Tracker, send it back to your keyboard, open it and not just rearrange them. chords but choose different styles of music he can play. Quite astonishing!

But what I love most about this app is that it will show you the chords not only as they go through the song by letter, but you can choose to see the actual notes in the song. ‘chord or displayed in the tablature. Another great use for this is how many times have you played alone late at night or even in band practice and found a great
progression to forget it the next day? Instead, just save it to the Chord Tracker and let it do the work for you. You can even share your work via email with your group mates.

For an application that seems so simple at first glance, the Chord Tracker has many, many uses beyond the obvious. And again, it’s free!

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