FCC Anti-Discrimination Task Force, High Fixed Download Speeds, Lower Broadband Prices: Broadband Breakfast

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 8, 2022

Feb. 18, 2022 — The Federal Communications Commission on Friday announced a new effort to crack down on illegal robocalls.

The formal investigative partnership between state attorneys general and the FCC’s Office of Enforcement adds attorneys general from Vermont and Colorado to the group of states working together to stop robocalls and phone scams. identity theft.

“Protecting consumers from robocalls and identity theft scams is a daily challenge for local, state and federal law enforcement. By sharing information and cooperating closely on investigations, we can better protect consumers everywhere,” the agency’s president said. Jessica Rosenworcel.

“Our enforcement partnerships with state attorneys general have already paid off and I know these new agreements will only build on that success. I thank these heads of state for their cooperation and dedication to enforcing strong consumer protection laws, and appreciate their efforts to encourage their colleagues to join us in this effort.

The announcement follows the FCC’s finding on Thursday that two voice service providers have not fully implemented the robocall blocking standard called STIR/SHAKEN.

Large providers were required to implement STIR/SHAKEN in all IP portions of their networks by June 30, 2021.

The STIR/SHAKEN standards provide a common language for sharing information between networks to verify caller ID information.

Mitch Landrieu to attend FCC Broadband Equity Event

Michael Landrieuformer mayor of New Orleans and Senior White House Advisor and Infrastructure Implementation Coordinatorwill be speaking at an event on equity in broadband next Tuesday.

The “Connecting Black Communities: Federal, State, and Local Strategies for Closing the Digital Divide” event will bring together leaders from all levels of government to highlight the impact of the digital divide on Black communities and discuss how the households will benefit from the Broadband Access and Deployment Program.

The event hosted by the FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Stark will take place at 11 a.m. on February 22, 2022.

It will also feature members of Congress, administration officials, and state and local leaders from New York, Wisconsin, Chicago, and Augusta, Georgia.

These panelists include Rosenworcelcommissioners Brendan Carr and Nathan Simingtonas well as Brian BenjaminLieutenant Governor of New York and Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot.

Meta’s social virtual reality platform announces 300,000 users

Meta, formerly Facebook, announced Thursday that its Horizon Worlds platform grown up to 300,000 users.

Featured as part of this year’s Superbowl band advertising, Meta’s Quest2 virtual reality headset is at the center of the company’s future plans for the Metaverse. The virtual reality headset allows users to virtually meet friends, play games and enjoy content.

Horizon Worlds is a headset-based platform that allows players to interact with friends and build a virtual world together. Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg Recount investors during a fourth quarter earnings call that the company plans to launch a mobile version of Horizon Worlds to bring the platform to consumers who do not own a virtual reality device.

Despite the platform’s apparent success, the company is working on methods to reduce the abuse of Horizon worlds. The company recently announced a “personal boundary” system for its VR experiences, creating an invisible virtual barrier around avatars, preventing others from getting too close.

Updates arrive after at least one beta user complained that their avatar had been groped by a stranger. Virtual spaces experts are also concerned about children’s ability to access Facebook’s metaverse and the potential for predatory behavior by adults. Although children are not allowed on Horizon Worlds, reviews of the platform show that the virtual experience appeals to children. Advocacy groups aiming to protect children to say the new platforms are also attracting adults looking to groom children.

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