Free Excel Alternatives That Help You Save on Spreadsheet Software

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 26, 2022


Smart slot tongs know there are a ton of freebies on the web. You need to know where you are looking because there are a ton of dangerous downloads lurking. We are always here to share safe tools like the best free Excel alternatives.

That’s right: we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a great alternative to Microsoft Excel. Maybe you’re loyal to the program because it’s been around forever, but you don’t know how to get the most out of it. Tap or click here for three Excel tips and tutorials.

However, you don’t have to pay a ton of money for Excel. There are a few free alternatives to Excel that are worth trying. Check out three of the best substitutes below.

1. LibreOffice Calc is one of our favorite free Excel alternatives

LibreOffice Calc is one of the most popular and beloved free Excel alternatives.  Gifts like this are diamonds in the rough.  Check it out.
Its intuitive design recalls the functions of Microsoft Excel. | Image from Libre Office

We’re big fans of LibreOffice’s robust free programs. This open source software is often updated and works well as a replacement for Microsoft Office. It offers six programs that work similarly to flagship Office programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you’re looking for a spreadsheet, you can’t go wrong with LibreOffice Calc. It has most of the same functionality as Microsoft Excel. You can:

  • Collaborate on spreadsheets with others with Calc’s support for multiple users.
  • Retrieve raw data from corporate databases.
  • Summarize, convert and cross-reference data.
  • Embed real-time data feeds into sheets and reports.
  • Calculate the data in your spreadsheets.
  • Customize templates, backgrounds, borders and more.

To use Calc, you will need to download full LibreOffice after. It is a “monolithic software”, which means that all its components are provided in a single installation package.

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2. ClickUp offers a nifty all-in-one project management solution

This Excel alternative provides an effective dashboard view for small business owners. Besides that, it has powerful collaboration features.

With ClickUp’s Board View, you can view your projects, track specific tasks, and track your team’s work progress. Plus, its time tracker helps you estimate project competition and track progress closely.

You can create as many workspaces, folders, and lists as you want. You can also choose different ways to display your business data. Group your folders and lists by different attributes, such as:

  • User.
  • Status.
  • Data.
  • Project.
  • Custom field and more.

Plus, you can perform tasks for different users, use notifications to stay up to date, and create topical conversations that won’t spam everyone’s posts. Plus, it offers mobile access.

Although you can pay for it, The free version of ClickUp has many useful features. Overall, this is a valuable tool that can help you manage remote teams.

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3. When looking for free Excel alternatives, check out Google Sheets

Unlike the other options on this list, you don’t need to download Google Sheets. You can access it online. Like ClickUp, you can access it on your smartphone. You get 15 GB of free storage with this online spreadsheet editor.

Once you run out of space, you can upgrade to paid financial software. We recommend our sponsor, Oracle Netsuite. More on that below.

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