Galway students wanted for investigation into COVID Tracker app

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 15, 2021

Galway students are invited to participate in an effectiveness and engagement survey with Ireland’s COVID Tracker app.

A research team from NUIG and the University of Zaragoza, Spain, hope to learn more about the adoption of the app and the learnings that could also be applied to other health-related apps in the future. .

The study will examine the reasons for using the app, opinions on the app, promoting the use of the app to others, the extent to which the user registers using the app , his level of contact with others and his life / work situation. .

The international research team led by Dr. Elaine Wallace, Senior Lecturer at NUI Galway, is looking for participants to complete the short five-minute online survey.

Dr Elaine Wallace commented that “Ireland’s Covid Tracker app has been one of the most used tracking apps during the pandemic”.

“With a safe return planned to our workplaces and college campuses, we hope this survey will raise awareness and remind students and the general public to download and use the app. “

She added that it is also hoped that the study will provide information on how applications like this could be used in other wats in the future.

Contact tracing apps were one of the first ideas put forth on how governments could track down and notify people who had been in close contact with people who later tested positive for COVID.

This happened as it quickly became apparent that effective contact tracing would be an extremely difficult and labor-intensive task.

However, different programs around the world have had very different levels of success in developing such applications and getting people to adopt them.

In many cases, development has been hampered by issues related to the technical efficiency of applications, such as the inability to locate devices with sufficient precision or the installation of devices with apps to communicate with each other. .

Privacy was also a hot topic, with many concerns raised about the possibility of transmitting location and health data to governments and private companies.

The Irish COVID Tracker app was developed by Waterford-based company NearForm under contract with the HSE, using Google and Apple’s exposure notification system to anonymize users.

The NUIG research team would like to talk to people who have (or still have) the COVID Tracker app installed on their phones and who are 18 years of age or older.

To complete the short survey and contribute to the study on the COVID Tracker app, just click this link to get started: NUI Galway COVID Tracker App Survey

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