Great North Run Tracker App: How do I get the app before the weekend half marathon and what is it for?

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 5, 2022

The app for the event is available now, and you can use it for many.

Keeping track of your loved ones throughout the Great North Run can be a difficult task. With busy public transport and huge crowds along the route, it’s highly unlikely that spectators will be able to see friends or family more than once while running.

Luckily for spectators, race organizers have released an app to help runners track the Newcastle Half Marathon at South Shields seafront.

How do I get the Great North Run Tracker app?

Great North Run Tracker App: How do I get the app before the weekend half marathon and what is it for? (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

The app is available for iOS and Android users and can be downloaded by using your phone’s app store and searching for the Great Run app. This is the name of the company that organizes the Great North Run alongside other similar events across the country.

How do I track Great North Run attendees via the event app?

The app is really easy to use to track the runners of the day. Anyone looking to keep tabs on the success of loved ones needs to know a runner’s name or bib number.

When opening the app, select Great North Run at the top of the page and users will then be presented with several on-screen options at the bottom of the device.

After selecting the tracker at the bottom of the screen, users can then search for a participant either by name or bib number.

Tracking is possible through a device that is attached to the runners’ clothing. Split times are given by participants running on treadmills throughout the course which are updated on the app within seconds.

This is a new app for 2022, which means older tracking apps are not compatible.

What else is available through the Great North Run app?

The app also includes a series of easy-to-access maps for the start and finish areas, as well as a link to the full event guide.

All information is also available online, but the app offers mobile-friendly navigation.

A full calendar of events is also available through the app.

On race day, the app will come alive with live event posts as well as leaderboards for elite categories.

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