How To Block Specific Apps For A Specific Period On Android Device 2022

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 12, 2022

This tutorial is about how to block specific apps for specific duration on Android device. We will do our best for you to understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to Block Specific Apps for Specific Time on Android Device. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.

Check how to block specific apps for specific time on Android device

We have many applications installed on our smartphone. Some apps can distract us at work. So you can lock these apps for a specific time. I have a simple trick you can use to lock your apps for a specific period of time. Also, as a parent, you don’t want your kids playing with apps all day or accessing sensitive apps like banking or social media with offensive content. Luckily, you can change your bad smartphone habits with the help of other software. Here’s how to block apps on Android if you don’t limit their warnings. Whether you want to increase your productivity or protect yourself, others, or children from excessive app use, you can find the right tools to help your devices support your healthier lifestyle without smartphone addiction. .

You can constantly overcome your (or your child’s) mental cravings for mobile games. She doesn’t even have to completely uninstall them from her phone. You can always have a cheat day and use them whenever you want. Losing track of time when you’re busy scrolling through apps or playing games isn’t very uncommon. Chances are you’re staring at your phone screen when ideally you should be doing something else. What if you could somehow revoke your access to certain apps for a certain period of time?

How to Block Any App for a Certain Time in Android

Steps to block any app for a while:

  • First of all, you need to download Clearlock – Block Distractions from here.
  • Open Clearlock – Block Distractions on your Android device and there will be a list of apps you have installed.
  • Now select the apps you want to block.
  • Now set a particular time period when you want to lock your apps. And tap on Lock Apps.
  • Now you need to confirm whether you want to lock apps or not. Then select I’m sure.
  • If you really want to access the apps you have blocked, you need to restart your device.

Final Words: How to Block Specific Apps for a Specific Period on Android Device

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