How to download and install HarmonyOS 3.0

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 26, 2022

Huawei and HarmonyOS together have gone through a long journey. From the time HarmonyOS hit the scene until now, it has remained one of the company’s best software products. Taking a flashback and predicting the future, let’s discuss some vital information about the Huawei HarmonyOS system.

Huawei founder – Ren Zhengfei introduced the term HarmonyOS and its information in 2019, for the first time. Giving a brief note on how the new operating system will bring immense benefits to the users, Ren mentioned a few aspects of the respective topic.

Ren said HarmonyOS is a top-tier operating system. Therefore, it originally only supported telecommunications networks and kept end-to-end encryption at 5 milliseconds or even less. Also, at that time, HarmonyOS entered the mainstream platform as a Lite or IoT (Internet of Things) operating system, which the company launched in 2015.

As a Lite operating system, the company featured HarmonyOS in in-vehicle devices. However, the Lite operating system failed to make itself known satisfactorily. Therefore, the Chinese manufacturer decided to revamp the system infrastructure and again bring it to the surface of users with new capabilities.

HarmonyOS as original system

As a result, Huawei officially launched the HarmonyOS system as Hongmeng (Chinese term) at the 2019 developer conference. Huawei CEO – Yu Chengdong explained that Hongmeng stands for open the world and gave a similar name in the English dictionary to Harmony.

On the other hand, Yu revealed that if Google does not open the doors of the Android system to Huawei, the company will install the HarmonyOS system on smartphones. And later we know how things went for Huawei devices.

Initially, Huawei decided to push the respective system only for IoT devices. But, things turned around and the company started powering its smart gadgets with the HarmonyOS system. At the same time, Huawei introduced HiLink and LiteOS devices to make IoT development easier and more efficient.

HarmonyOS 2.0: a new beginning

Differentiating things and making a firm decision, the Chinese tech giant decided to open up new aspects of the Hongmeng system. In June 2021, Huawei held an online summit and unveiled the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system.

Since then, HarmonyOS has started to evolve in various areas. In August 2021, smart hardware green products were completely upgraded to the HarmonyOS system. “Works with Huawei HiLink” and “Powered by HarmonyOS” are now the new slogans for smart devices. Moreover, these devices have adopted the unified experience, the unified solution as well as a unified platform.

During this time, the Hongmeng system became the Hongmeng Zhilian. At present, the Hongmeny topic has moved to a distributed system of microkernel and HiLink protocols.

As we are now running into 2022, Huawei has once again offered HarmonyOS 3.0 software to its users. Undoubtedly, the system brings a huge bag of thoughtful features that you would never have seen before. At the same time, the company is constantly striving to bring the latest firmware to almost all devices and provide users with a complete smart life experience.

HarmonyOS devices have already exceeded 300 million in number. And that’s just the beginning. Day by day, partners and developers increase the culture of Huawei. Undoubtedly, in the next 5-10 years, the system will become a new model for other software systems.

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