How to Download Google Chrome on a Mac

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 1, 2022

Even though using an Android device with a Mac might seem counterproductive, a lot of people use this combination. Each person may have different reasons for making this choice. Some may not appreciate the philosophy behind iOS and prefer a more open and flexible platform like Android. Others may find macOS to be almost as open and stable as Android. However, choosing not to have an iPhone means that your phone doesn’t sync natively with your Mac, at least not as instinctively as if you had an Apple handset.


Download Chrome on your Mac

You can use Chrome on your Android phone or tablet and on your Mac, making it easy to sync bookmarks, passwords, preferences, and open tabs. Plus, Chrome is the fastest browser even on macOS, so there’s no reason not to use it.

Chrome doesn’t come pre-installed on a Mac, so you’ll have to install it manually, which is quickly done in minutes, by following these steps:

  1. Open Safari on your Mac.
  2. Move towards
  3. Click on Download Chromium.
  4. Expect for the download to complete
  5. Once the download is complete, your Mac’s download folder will appear in the dock.
  6. Click it Downloads icon and double click googlechome.dmg. This opens a disk image.
  7. drag drop the Google Chrome icon in the Applications folder.

You are ready ! Chrome is now installed on your Mac. The first time you open it, your Mac displays a warning message asking whether you want to open the application or not. Click on Open and be sure to sign in to your Google account. When prompted, make Chrome your default browser, so all links automatically open with it instead of Safari.

Benefits of using Chrome

Using the same browser on your Mac and Android device ensures that your content is automatically synced between your phone and laptop. For example, your bookmarks will be available on both devices and will automatically update as items are added or removed. Similarly, Chrome also syncs your passwords, autofill data, and browsing history, making it easier to browse the web. Finally, you’ll be able to access recent or open tabs from another device so you can continue reading something you’ve got open on your computer on your phone when it’s time to go.

Best sync experience on all platforms

It’s great when devices from different manufacturers and ecosystems work together. Although Chrome may be a simple web browser, it is essential to remember most of our daily tasks performed through a browser, and it is essential to synchronize it. Chrome makes things much easier, even when using devices running on different platforms.

Finally, with the coming ability to take notes on the websites you visit, it’s an even nicer perk for using Chrome on both your Android phone or tablet and your Mac.

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