How to download, GPS accuracy and how to track your complaints

ByLance T. Lee

Jan 9, 2022

cVIGIL app: The Election Commission of India has launched an online app for citizens to report violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) during the election period.

The application is called ‘cVIGIL’ to refer to the vigilant citizens of our country who can play a proactive and responsible role in the conduct of free and fair elections.

cVIGIL is a user-friendly application. Its beta version was launched to allow citizens and electoral staff to familiarize themselves with the functionalities of the application by allowing them to send dummy data.

Citizens can download the cVILLE app from Google Play Store.

cVIGIL enables vigilant citizens to give live reports of MCC breach incidents within minutes of witnessing them. They no longer have to rush to the office of the returning officer of their constituency assembly.

Once an MCC violation incident is reported by the cVIGIL application, it is escalated to a flying squad for investigation. In the event of a registered complaint, a unique identification number is generated to allow the citizen to follow the status of his complaint.

Anonymous complaints do not receive an identification number for tracking purposes.

Citizens can use cVIGIL to report only MCC violations. For other complaints, they can use the feature available on the ECI Citizen Services mobile app/website.


To install this app, users need to follow these steps:

Step 1: A user can go to Google Play Store or click on the cVIGIL app logo

2nd step: Click the Download icon and install the Election Commission of India cVIGIL Citizen app on an Android smartphone.

The application is installed; now you are ready to file MCC violation complaints with one click.


To start the application installed on your mobile device, you must log in to

To note: This application is compatible with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above mobile devices. The app works on a good internet connection and GPS settings enabled in the phone.

cVIGIL application: the login screen offers the user two options to log into the application

  1. Anonymously, i.e. without sharing your personal data, or
  2. By registering personal data, including name, address and mobile phone number.

How to improve GPS accuracy?

cVIGIL uses smart GPS technologies to use it in an innovative way for model/expense code violation management. Your GPS sensor allows your Android phone to use the cVIGIL Citizen, Investigator, Observer and Monitor apps, and to correctly tag your geolocation.

A good signal is crucial for using the cVIGIL application. However, the higher the accuracy requirements, the longer it may take to get a more accurate GPS measurement.

It takes time for a GPS device to get a location, and then it will do its best to hold onto it as you move. As GPS data is error prone and even if one applies the correct location manager provider, it is possible to observe occasional jitter in locations.

One thing to note is that the GPS accuracy only gives an estimate of the quality of the calculation given the GPS signals received. Systematic errors can give a fair amount of precision but still represent a large positional error.

This is why we can see jitter even if the precision is very good. Precision measurements are good for eliminating very large errors, but at a lower level it just gives an indication that the calculations have converged.

The cVIGIL application applies the algorithm to remove very large errors. But there are still chances to improve accuracy and reduce small errors too, with these simple tweaks.

So here is how you can improve the GPS signal on your device. I will list 4 free Android apps which are tools to help you improve GPS accuracy.

Apart from this, the Election Commission has also given a list of 15 things you can report on. The list includes the following:

  1. Distribution of money
  2. Distribution of gifts/coupons
  3. Distribution of alcohol
  4. Posters/banners without permission
  5. Display of guns, intimidation
  6. Vehicles or convoys without authorization
  7. Paid News
  8. Defacement of property
  9. Transportation of voters on polling day
  10. Campaigning within 200 meters of the voting booth
  11. Campaigning during the blackout period
  12. Religious or community speeches/messages
  13. Use of loudspeakers beyond authorized time
  14. Posters without compulsory declaration
  15. Transportation of public gatherings

cVIGIL application: How to track your complaint?

After successful complaint submission, you will receive a unique ID to track and receive updates on your mobile. Notably, you can report multiple incidents and for each complaint, you will get a unique tracking ID.

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