How to download watchOS 9 NOW. Here’s how to get watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch today

ByLance T. Lee

Jun 10, 2022

You can download watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch before September…

Apple recently introduced its three flagship operating systems: iOS16, iPadOS 16and macOS Venturaall of which were previewed at the company’s most recent Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2022. At the same conference, Apple also previewed the next version of its wearable operating system–watch OS 9 for the Apple Watch.

watchOS 9 will power the apple watch starting September 2022. And amazing new features are on the way, including all-new workout modes, medication tracking, sleep tracking improvements, and of course, new Apple Watch faces.

And the good news is that watchOS 9 will work on all Apple Watches from Series 4 onwards. additional features on the new Apple Watch Series 8, which is expected this fall and will run watchOS 9.

But you don’t have to wait until fall to get watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch. There are ways to get watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch today…

watchOS 9: Download the developer beta

The first way to get watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch today is to download the developer beta. The developer beta was released on the same day that Apple first introduced watchOS 9 to the public.

The Developer Beta is for developers building Apple Watch apps. Developers use the beta to test their existing and planned apps with the new watchOS 9 to make sure they all work well together.

But developers will also identify and report any bugs they find to Apple, which means Apple can then fix those bugs before watchOS 9 is released to the public this fall. In other words, a developer beta of watchOS 9 benefits developers, Apple, and ultimately end users. It’s a win-win for everyone.

To download the watchOS 9 developer beta, you must be a registered Apple developer. Developer registration costs $99 per year and gives you access to all of Apple’s developer tools and resources, as well as developer betas of its various operating systems.

To register as a developer, go to You can then download the watchOS 9 developer beta.

watchOS 9: Download the public beta

Apple will also release another watchOS 9 beta in July. This is called the watchOS 9 public beta. As the name suggests, the watchOS 9 public beta is available to the general public.

Public betas usually ship a month to a few weeks after the latest developer beta. This is how Apple can squash the most annoying bugs, which should improve the beta’s usability for non-developer testers.

The good thing about the watchOS 9 public beta is that it’s completely free to download and install. There is no annual fee.

The public beta of watchOS 9 is scheduled to launch in July, and you can get it by signing up for the Apple Beta Software Program for free at


OK – BEFORE you download the beta of watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch, there are a few things you need to know…

Firstly, once you install a beta version of watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch, you cannot revert to watchOS 8. This means that your Apple Watch will be stuck using the beta version of watchOS 9 until the gold master watchOS 9 will be released in the fall.

Betas are by their very nature buggy. Bugs can cause problems and data loss. This brings us to the second point:

ALWAYS make a backup of all your Apple Watch data that you can recover before installing a beta version of watchOS. Betas can go wrong and erase all your data or even brick your Apple Watch. All this means….

Third, you probably shouldn’t install the watchOS 9 beta on your primary Apple Watch that you use every day. Only install watchOS 9 on an Apple Watch that you are prepared to crash/fail if things go catastrophically wrong. And even if you do that, always back up all the data on that Apple Watch so you can recover it if the watchOS 9 beta ruins your data.

There are risks involved with beta testing watchOS 9, so think carefully before deciding to put it on your Apple Watch.

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