How to Reset Advertising ID on Android Device 2022 Tip

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 18, 2022

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Check How to Reset Advertising ID on Android Device

Android offers advertisers a way to uniquely identify you to track your activity on the apps and websites you use on your mobile device. This guide will show you how to prevent tracking on your Android device, either by periodically resetting your Advertising ID or opting out completely. The smartphone you’re using is assigned a unique “Advertising ID” that allows advertisers to track your app activity and serve you targeted ads based on your interests.

Advertising IDs are present on almost all devices, including iPhones, iPads, Windows PCs, and Android devices. This works similarly to “cookies” in web browsers, which are used to track and exchange data to deliver advertisements that you are more likely to click on. You cannot delete this Advertising ID, but you can reset it to delete all activity data collected so far. Once the Advertising ID is reset, the ads you see on your device will no longer be targeted ads.

How to Reset Advertising ID on Android Device

Simply follow the steps below to change your Android Advertising ID:

  • Open Google Settings on your smartphone by tapping Menu and then Google Settings once all apps are displayed on the screen.
  • Locate and tap the Announcements menu under Services.
  • Tap Reset Advertising ID in the Ads menu.
  • Confirm the replacement when the confirmation message appears. Your Android Ad ID will be changed.
  • Once you reset the Advertising ID, a new ID will immediately appear on the same page. With a new ID now assigned, advertisers can no longer link past actions to the device.
  • Bonus: Also disable interest-based ads on the same page.
  • This instructs apps not to use the Advertising ID for tracking purposes and to only display regular ads, but not interest-based ads on the device.
  • It should be noted that older versions of the operating system may not support advertising ID. App developers can resort to other methods such as using Android ID to track users anonymously.

Final Words: How to Reset Advertising ID on Android Device

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