How to Track Medications in the iPhone Health App with iOS 16

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 28, 2022
  • You can track your medications, dosage, and schedule in the Health app on your iPhone using iOS 16.
  • To add a drug to the Health app, find health categories and go to Drugs.
  • After setting up a medication, you will receive notifications to keep to your schedule and can log each dose.

Whether it’s antibiotics for a short-term illness or lifelong medication for a chronic illness, it’s essential to remember to take your medications — the right dose at the right time, for the prescribed duration. You can use your iPhone’s Health app as a medication tracker to make it all easier. The app now includes the ability to track and manage your medications in iOS 16.

To use the Health app’s medication tracker, your iPhone must be running iOS 16 or later. If you are not sure, you should check which version of iOS your iPhone is running and update your iPhone if necessary.

How to add a new drug to the iPhone Health app

1. Start the Health app, then press Browse at the bottom of the screen.

2. In the Health categories section, touch Medications.

3. Faucet Add medication.

Setting up medications in the Health app on iPhone.

You can add your medication information to the Health app.

Dave Johnson/Insider

4. On the Add drugs page, search for your medicine by name or press the Camera and scan the label of your medicine.

5. Set the frequency and time of day for your medications.

Setting up medications in the Health app on iPhone.

Specify when your medications should be taken and your iPhone will remind you when the time is right.

Dave Johnson/Insider

6. On the Choose the shape page, you can choose the pill or container form to help you remember which drug this entry is associated with. Then choose a color on the Choose the colors page.

Setting up medications in the Health app on iPhone.

You can choose the shape and color of your pills to distinguish them more easily.

Dave Johnson/Insider

seven. On the medication summary page, enter additional details such as the display name you want to use or notes about the medication. Faucet Next (Where Skip).

8. On the Medical interactions page, you can specify whether the Health app should warn you about possible interactions with substances such as alcohol, cannabis or tobacco. Enable any of these by swiping the buttons to the right, then tap Do.

After setting up a medication and entering its schedule information, you will receive notifications when it is time to take the medication.

You can edit the details of any medication at any time. Start the Health app and press Browse. Faucet Medicationsthen press the medicine in Your medications section. On your medication details page, find the section you want to edit, such as schedule or medication details, and tap Edit to make changes.

How to Log When You’ve Taken Medication in the iPhone Health App

You can keep track of your medication schedule by logging your dosages in the Health app. You can indicate when you took your meds, or you can save them as skipped if you didn’t take them for some reason.

1. Start the Health app and press Browse.

2. Faucet Medications.

3. On the Medications page, find the medicine you want to save and tap on it.

4. Faucet Ignored Where Taken if applicable.

Medication logging in the Health app on iPhone.

You can record medications taken or skipped.

Dave Johnson/Insider

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