How to Use Google Meet on Any Device

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 30, 2022


Google Meet has become the go-to app for all kinds of video meetings, from group chats with friends to business conferences. And Google has made sure the app is available virtually everywhere, from your personal Gmail account to the best tablets for hybrid work. For an everyday tool like Google Meet, it becomes necessary to at least have a working understanding of how to create and join calls instead of figuring it out minutes before a meeting.


We’ve put together a handy guide with everything you need to get started with Google Meet and create your first online meeting.

Do you need to configure Google Meet?

Like other apps from Google, Meet lives on the web. All you need is a Google account to use Meet through its website. You don’t need to download and install any application on your computer. However, apps are needed for smartphones and tablets. And more importantly, no extra steps are needed from your end to set up Google Meet. You can immediately move on to creating a new meeting.

How to start a new meeting on Google Meet

Google has integrated Meet into many of its apps and platforms, giving you plenty of ways to start a meeting.

On the Web

  1. Go to, and sign in to the correct Google account before making a new call. If you have multiple Google accounts, switch accounts using the Google account switcher in the upper right corner.
  2. Click it New meeting button.
  3. A context menu appears with a bunch of options. Here’s what each does:
    • Select Create a new meeting for later to get a Google Meet link that you can share with your friends or colleagues. You must use the same link to join the meeting.
    • Start an instant meeting takes you into a meeting, where you can invite more guests to join you or send a meeting link.
    • Schedule in Google Calendar takes you to Google Calendar. From here, you can schedule one-time or recurring meetings and have them appear on all invitees’ calendars, as long as they have a Google Account. Google Workspace Essential users do not have this option.
  4. You are now in a meeting, chatting with your colleagues.

Depending on how you invite guests, Google Meet may ask you to allow each guest to video chat. Watch for notifications requesting access to your meeting.

Via Gmail for web

With Gmail open in a browser tab, you don’t need to go to the Meet webpage because Google makes it easy to start meetings from Gmail.

  1. Open Gmail and click To encounter from the app switcher on the left. It takes you to an integrated Meet interface. If you don’t see the app switcher in Gmail, go to Settings > Apps in Gmail > Personalize and check the box to add Meet.
  2. Click on New meeting.
  3. A new browser window opens and displays the direct meeting link. Copy and share this link manually or go to Send an invitation > Share by email to share the invitation in an email.
  4. Otherwise, click Start now to enter a new meeting and add more participants as you go.

With Meet built into the service that many of us use regularly, it’s faster to create new meetings without going to another web page. Plus, Gmail makes it easy to keep track of your scheduled meetings in Google Calendar.

On mobile

Now that Google has merged Duo and Meet into one app, your personal and work calls are in one app. With the new Meet app, you can create meetings and share them with your friends or colleagues from your phone.

  1. On the Google Meet home page, tap the New button.
  2. On the next page, press Create a new meeting.
  3. Use the To share (or copy the link manually) to send a similar message to your guests.
  4. Otherwise, select Join the meeting to enter the room and invite other participants.
  5. Your recent meeting links appear on the app home page for easy access to video calls later.

With Schedule in Google Calendar, you can create a calendar entry for your meeting, give it a title, and add people so that the scheduled call appears in their calendars as well. Then press to safeguard.

If you use Meet with a personal Google Account, you get additional options for creating family and friend groups as well as the ability to call Google Home speakers to your home. Additionally, you can scroll down to see a list of your contacts who use Google Meet, allowing you to make a direct call using their phone number.

How to join a meeting on Google Meet

It’s easy to create a new meeting in Google Meet, but joining one is even easier.

The easiest way to join a Google Meet session is to use the meeting link shared with you via chat or email.

  1. Click the link to go to the meeting page on the web.
  2. Choose whether you want to keep your camera and mic on or off.
  3. Click on Ask to join.
  4. As soon as the host allows it, you will be in the meeting.

You can follow the same steps to join a call on your mobile phone. The only difference is that the link takes you to the Google Meet app instead of the browser and asks you to select the correct Gmail account if you have multiple Google accounts on your phone.

If the Google Meet app is not installed on your phone, click the link to go to the Play Store, where you can download the app.

Via Meet on the web

There are several ways to join a meeting with Meet on the web.

  • Go to Your scheduled meetings appear on the right. Click the meeting title. On the next page, click Join now to enter the meeting.
  • Manually enter the meeting code on the Meet home page to access video chat. The meeting code is part of the shared link and looks something like xyz-abcd-pqr.
  • The Gmail Meet interface lists your scheduled meetings in chronological order. Select the one you want to join and click Join now on the right.

Through Google Calendar

If the organizer schedules a one-time or recurring meeting on Google Calendar and adds you to the invitee list, the meeting automatically appears in your Google Calendar.

  1. Open Google Calendar on the web or on your phone and select the meeting you want to join.
  2. Click on Join Google Meet.
  3. Click on Join now on the next page. You will be in the meeting without using the meeting code or link.

Is using Google Meet free?

In the beginning, Google let you host long calls with dozens of participants, even with a free account. But Google Meet has since become limited, following in the footsteps of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

For one-to-one calls, Meet remains free with a virtually unlimited 24-hour cap. However, if you add more guests, your calls are limited to 60 minutes on a free account. That’s still better than Zoom’s 40-minute cap and should be enough for most small businesses and individuals.

However, you need a Google Workspace subscription to host longer group calls. All paid Workspace tiers increase the call limit on Google Meet to 24 hours, and you can get started for as little as $6 per month, which gives you several other business features, including an email address with your domain. personalized.

Improve your Google Meet experience

Google Meet is a business-focused video conferencing service that offers many features and customizations for both host and attendees. From enabling live captions to the excellent companion mode, there are endless things you can do in a meeting. Use some of our smartest Google Meet tips and tricks to make your meetings more personal and get the most out of your business calls.

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