I suspected my husband of cheating so put a tracking device in his car…but people accused me of going too far

ByLance T. Lee

Mar 13, 2022

WHEN people suspect their partner of cheating, they can go to great lengths to catch them.

But how far is considered too far?


Woman’s husband was furious after finding out she had placed a tracker on his carCredit: Getty

Well, a woman on Reddit created a conversation after posting her recent antics.

Sharing her story anonymously, she revealed that she placed a tracking device in her husband’s car.

However, some have accused her of going too far.

The woman explained that she was initially suspicious of her spouse when he started coming home much later than usual and even left the house in the middle of the night.

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At first she confronted him, but got no response – which led her to buy an Apple AirTag, which is a tracking device that connects to the Find My app on an iPhone.

It is mainly used to help you find your keys or your wallet if you cannot find them.

She wrote: “My husband and I have been together for 6 years and married for two. We don’t have kids yet but we’ve tried.

“He works for a construction company while I work from home as a wellness brand owner and vlogger.

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“For the past two months he has been at work much later than usual. At first I didn’t suspect any wrongdoing and just brushed him off. He’s worked nights before, but never that often.

“However, last week I woke up at 2am and he wasn’t in bed. I went back to sleep and asked him in the morning and he explained to me that he had gone for a run At 2 a.m. Weird but I brushed it off.

“Then he did it again a few nights later, only this time I heard his car stop in the driveway. When he came back to our room, I pretended to be asleep.

“The next morning, while he was at work, I bought an Apple AirTag to track his whereabouts.

“When he came home from work, late I might add, I put the AirTag in the glove compartment of his car. I stayed up all night expecting him to sneak out and voila. , He did it !

“I followed her car and saw her heading to an abandoned lot 45 minutes away.

I confronted him about it and he got absolutely furious

Reddit user

“He was there for almost two hours and then he came home.”

The woman explained that she spoke to her husband when he came home.

While she demanded to know what he had done, she claims her husband was more “furious” that she had invaded his privacy.

She continued: “I confronted him about it and he got absolutely furious. I asked him why he was going there and he said he was ‘mind his own business’ and I had to’ take care of mine’ and ‘respect his privacy’.

“He packed up and has now been staying at his brother’s for the past two nights.”

Many people rushed to the comments section of the Reddit post to share their opinions on whether or not they support it.

He packed up and has now been staying at his brother’s house for the past two nights

Reddit user

One person said, “Everyone sucks here. Him for the lie and the stealth, you for the tracking device.

“When you get to putting a tracking device on your spouse’s car, it’s time to either go see a marriage counselor or see a divorce lawyer.”

While another added: “If he disappears at weird times you should know where he was.

“However, following someone is also a**hole behavior, you’re both equally bad in this scenario.”

A third added: “He fears for his lack of honesty, it sounds like some kind of shady deal to me.

“You suck for putting a tracker on her, that’s disgusting behavior too.”


According to Apple’s website, the device is “designed to discourage unwanted tracking.”

If someone else’s AirTag ends up in your stuff, your iPhone will send you an alert to let you know they’re traveling with you.

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And if you can’t find the device, it will start making a sound to help you locate it.

However, this feature only activates if an AirTag is separated from its owner, meaning you don’t have to worry if you’re traveling with a friend who has an AirTag.

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