Is the COVID Tracker app being used to sell affordable cooking oil? Indonesian app PeduliLindungi does a great job

ByLance T. Lee

Jun 28, 2022


  • Indonesia will distribute cheap cooking oil and analyze its effectiveness using its COVID-19 monitoring app.
  • The president’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate was posted online in September 2021, coinciding with a data breach affecting 1.3.

The Indonesian COVID-19 tracker has expanded its responsibilities. Citizens are now using it to buy cooking oil at an affordable price amid local shortages.

Indonesia uses COVID-19 Tracker to verify effectiveness of oil subsidies

In order to check the effectiveness of its subsidies, Indonesia will distribute cheap cooking oil using Covid-19 monitoring software.

According to Rachmat Kaimuddin, acting deputy at the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Indonesians can buy up to 10 kilograms of subsidized cooking oil every day using the PeduliLindungi app. Kaimuddin was also president and director of the start-up PT

PeduliLindungi allows users to scan QR codes to check their health and vaccination status when entering buildings.

He also said on Tuesday, June 28 that since PeduliLindungi verifies user IDs when individuals scan QR codes, the app would display either green, indicating they can purchase cooking oil, or red, indicating they can buy cooking oil. indicating that they have reached their limit.

Millions of consumers and small business owners in the world’s fourth most populous country have been alarmed for months by rising cooking oil prices, which began about three weeks after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

In order to reduce local costs and maintain its ability to export edible oils, Indonesia, the world’s largest palm oil producer, has pushed for better distribution of affordable cooking oil. When he decreed an embargo on all cooking oil exports in April due to a local shortage, President Joko Widodo sent the market into a tailspin before revoking it a few weeks later.

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Indonesia’s COVID monitoring app exposes president’s Vax records

This mobile app will provide color-coded information about users’ COVID-19 status based on its location data sharing. Black indicates infection; red indicates incomplete vaccination status; yellow indicates first dose of immunization and green indicates full immunization. Due to the app’s ability to tell you which hue predominates in a given area, the colors will also be used to help you identify the crowd.

Additionally, the PeduliLindungi mobile app can store the user’s digital vaccination and COVID-19 test certificates, eliminating the need for the user to create physical documentation. The software also includes e-HAC, an electronic health alert card that will help provide the user with essential paperwork and avoid unwanted physical contact if they are travelling.

The app shows the dates and types of vaccinations given, as well as confidential biographical data. To enter malls and steal, it is necessary.

However, the president’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate was leaked online in September 2021, coinciding with a data breach affecting 1.3 million users of this government contact tracing tool and raising concerns. about information security in Indonesia.

President Joko Widodo’s vaccination records were obtained through the PeduliLindungi (care protect) app and widely circulated on social media, leading experts to doubt the government’s dedication to data protection.

The government said it was investigating a bug in a previous version of the app that exposed data for nearly 1.3 million users. It came months after a public insurer was accused of mishandling Social Security numbers.

Several social media users raised a dilemma over the app’s shortcomings when it was declared necessary last August.

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